Do People Know The Three Problems That Should Be Paid Attention To In The Selection Of Asphalt Shingles?

Both traditional and modern buildings follow the design of “slope roof”. There is a slope on the roof, which allows rainwater to flow down, reducing water accumulation and preventing leaks; The roof can absorb and reduce noise when it is affected by heavy rain, hail, wind and other external noises. In addition, the pitched roof also prevents excessive accumulation of sunlight on the roof, which helps insulate the top floor. Unlike flat roofs, shingles are needed on sloping roofs. And asphalt shingles, bright color, not only can beautify the city, more importantly, its excellent waterproof performance for the old buildings to hold up a wind and rain “umbrella”. So when people choose asphalt shingles, what problems should people focus on?

Onyx Black 3 Tab Shingles

Standard thickness of tiles

In accordance with the national standard rules GB/T20474-2006, the thickness of qualified asphalt shingles are above 2.6mm. Asphalt tile is strictly in accordance with the “glass fiber tire asphalt tile” standard implementation, color sand lamination roller, asphalt coating roller are in line with the national standard requirements, Mosaic tile thickness of more than 2.6mm, do not leak bottom, do not drop sand, to ensure 30 years of products do not fade!

Two, tile tear strength

How the tear resistance strength of tile depends primarily on the tire body, national labeling rules: color fiberglass tile should choose glass fiber tire base, do not allow the selection of composite tire and polyester tire for manufacturing coil. Glass fiber tire 110g/m? To ensure the durability, crack resistance and permeability of tiles. And it won’t flow at 110 degrees Celsius! It can be installed on all kinds of roofs of 0-90 degrees without breaking phenomenon.

Three, tile color sand use

The color sand on the surface of qualified asphalt shingles will not fall off, the surface is flat, and the color will last as long as new. Asphalt shingle products are covered with trench sand, and then with a unique sand process, enhance the texture of the tile.

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