University Products LLC reminds cattle producers of their vaccine for bovine anaplasmosis with Fall Vaccinations

• University Products LLC has been making bovine anaplasmosis vaccination a reality since 1999.

• Their bovine anaplasmosis vaccine is approved for distribution as an experimental vaccine to licensed veterinarians in 29 states, as well as in Puerto Rico.

University Product LLC has been making their bovine anaplasmosis vaccine available to American cattle producers for over 20 years.

Their anaplasmosis vaccine was first developed at Louisiana State University, Agriculture Center’s Veterinary Science Department by D. G. Luther, DVM., PhD. Early in the 1980’s, Dr. Luther was approached by a large dairy seeking help managing a devastating outbreak of bovine anaplasmosis. As part of the management strategy, Dr. Luther developed a killed vaccine product that was successful in bringing the outbreak under control.

Word of the vaccine’s protection began to spread, and soon requests were coming in from producers across the USA who also wanted access to the vaccine. These industry-driven requests ultimately led to the vaccine being approved for distribution as an experimental vaccine in 29 states and in Puerto Rico for the control and prevention of bovine anaplasmosis.  

University Products LLC has distributed hundreds of thousands of doses of their vaccine across the USA over the last 20+ years. “Our vaccine has provided good protection against bovine anaplasmosis in the United States and Puerto Rico”, says company CEO Gene Luther. “We have never had a case of neonatal isoerythrolysis reported in calves of vaccinated cows. The vaccine has been used in cows in all stages of pregnancy with no problems being reported.”

Ag economist have run the numbers and show that the University Products Anaplasmosis Vaccine provides the highest protection and the lowest cost to producers.  Producers should ask their veterinarian about getting their cows the best protection against anaplasmosis.

As it is classified as an experimental vaccine, it is available for sale direct to licensed veterinarians only. Producers wishing to access this vaccine should contact their herd veterinarian. Veterinarians can find more information on how to purchase the vaccine at

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This press release is issued from our Corporate Headquarters in Louisiana, and is intended to provide information about our USA-based business.

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