How Adrienne Wise’s Trauma-Informed Care Made an Impact in Workplaces Across Industries

How Adrienne Wise’s Trauma-Informed Care Made an Impact in Workplaces Across Industries

Dealing with and overcoming trauma is never an easy feat, but its connection with professional performance in the workplace is hardly discussed. Seeing the gap, Adrienne Wise, founder and CEO of Wise Choice Counseling, decided to step in and address the issue. The visionary aims to help individuals and organizations adopt trauma-informed practices to proactively sustain and empower their business model to reach greater heights. 

Making a difference in other people’s lives has always been a dream of Adrienne’s for as long as she can remember. A native of Prince George’s County, Maryland,  she grew up with members in her family who faced challenges with substance use and mental health, leading her to study psychology and community counseling. Adrienne focused on developing methods and programs to help people overcome such a huge hurdle in their lives, blocking them from reaching their full potential. She was determined to reduce, if not eliminate, the stigma associated with mental health, a challenge she had to face with her own family, where the conversation was not always entertained. 

Over the last 17 years, Adrienne has worked with diverse people and organizations, from those in the foster care system, jails, the military, community health centers, LGBTQ+ groups, and non-profits, to the government. With her expertise, she has played a crucial role in helping them rise above their circumstances and deal with problems unique to their organizations. A Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LCP), Adrienne has used her background to have a deeper understanding of the many layers of trauma and its impacts in the workplace. 

“While providing direct therapy services to many clients over the years in addition to being in management myself for companies, I recognized that someone who understands the connection between trauma and its impact on workforce and workplace environments was missing,” Adrienne shared, which pushed her to champion the ideology and fill the gap herself along with her team at Wise Choice Counseling and Consulting Services.

Eventually, along her journey, Adrienne learned about the concept of Trauma-Informed Care and its connection to employee wellness and work performance. Ever since, she made it her mission to help people overcome trauma and equip them with strategies to prevent retraumatization, which has made a holistic difference in the workplace. Above all, Adrienne has actively normalized the understanding of trauma and its effects on productivity in the professional setting. This ultimately led to the birth of her premier service – Trauma-Informed Care Consulting, which helps people, mostly industry leaders, understand that employee emotional wellness can have a tremendous impact on their productivity and their ability to contribute to their company’s overall success. 

“Employees are people at the end of the day and battle their own personal struggles and yet still challenged to arrive at work each day ready to go. The reality is you could be missing out on your staff’s greatest potential or decreasing your agency’s longevity by not securing a trauma-informed care foundation within your agency. With a trauma-informed lens, we provide a reduction in staff burnout, increase in staff morale, support for staff dealing with a loss of a co-worker, organizational restructuring, leadership skill development, policy and procedure transformation, and so much more,” Adrienne explained.

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