IBCoin launches new trading services of Blockchain Digital Assets.

IBCoin was established as a cryptocurrency trading platform that develops one of the USA’s leading integrated Internet Financial services businesses. Recently, the company launched new trading services for Blockchain Digital Assets. 

The trading cryptocurrency platform has also announced that lately old IBCoin service and the new IBCoin service have been integrated into the new IBCoin service on June 30, 2022. Further information about future service integration can be acquired here.


“At present, the market for trading platforms in the currency circle is not saturated. In this fully marketized circle, security and convenience lie at the heart of trading competition.” “In recent years, the market for digital currency trading platforms has become increasingly competitive. Only by providing investors with ultimate digital asset trading service experience can we truly gain their trust,” said an official of IB Coin.

The exclusive services of IBCoin include:

  1. All kinds of transactions are free: Account opening fee, account maintenance fee, transaction fee, stop loss fee, deposit fee, and storage/delivery fee.

  2. Physical and leverage trading are available: small transactions can be made from around 100 dollars, the spread is the narrowest in the industry, leveraged transactions can be made with cash balances as collateral, and only IBCoin can charge leverage fees.

  3. Safe and secure security: IBCoin is developing one of the USA’s largest integrated Internet Financial services businesses. Using the expertise accumulated by IBCoin since its establishment, the team is building robust systems and implementing various security measures to protect customers’ assets safely and securely.

Additionally, the core team of IB Coin is committed to the application development and operation of blockchain technology. It has been at the forefront of the blockchain industry with many remarkable achievements.


Regarding user experience, IB Coins does not charge any opening fee, account maintenance fee, transaction fee, stop loss fee, deposit fee, storage/distribution fee, etc. The fact not only dramatically simplifies the trading process but also provides secure and stable topping-up and withdrawal channels for other coin currency trading platforms and over-the-counter exchange users, which is convenient for investors to liquidate profits or reduce risks promptly. Therefore, IB Coin is hailed as the “conscience of the industry.”

At the same time, IB Coin provides physical trading and leveraged trading services. Small transactions can be conducted from about $100 with the narrowest point spread in the industry. Leverage transactions can be accomplished with cash balance as collateral, and only IB Coin can charge leverage fees.

Furthermore, IB Coin provides investors with reliable security services. Technology continuously drives it to build robust technical defense systems and implement various security measures to protect customers’ assets safely and securely.

Consequently, this series of intimate trading experiences makes IB Coin a shining star in the field of digital asset exchange but also a leading innovator in blockchain digital asset trading services considering the recognition of several digital currency investors.

About IBCoin:

IBCoin has emerged as the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the industry. The IB Coin Cryptocurrency Trading Platform was founded on May 26, 2017 and is positioned as a global blockchain digital asset trading platform. It has been reported that IB Coin wins unanimous praise from the industry for its convenient user experience and safe and reliable security system.

Potential users and Crypto trading enthusiasts must visit the official website to garner more information about the services and updates. 

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