H3TheArtist – An Emerging Hip-Hop And R&B Artist Also Working As An Esteemed Model For A Reputable Clothing Brand In Atlanta

Having a multi-pronged personality, H3TheArtist is known for his artistic and modeling skills.

 Growing up in a family with a strong music background, H3TheArtist, with the actual name of Steven Scott, took inspiration from his father’s production and mother’s singing skills and spent most of his time in his father’s studio. Since his early years, he has been inclined toward creating unique and exciting music due to his creative upbringing and its impact on his soul. While he was in fourth grade, H3TheArtist was highly inspired and obsessed by the lyricism of Kendrick Lamar that encompassed his mind throughout. Therefore, he started realizing his zeal and innate talent for music and started making his way in the music industry during high school, striving hard to create a melody of his own.

His skills and talent did not go unnoticed. By his sophomore year, Steven Scott was in the recording booth, doing photo shoots throughout the south side of Atlanta and putting everything he had into pursuing a dream that existed from the beginning.

Using his undeniable skills and songwriting expertise, H3TheArtist started creating unique and beautiful music, touching the hearts of thousands of people with soothing melodies and soulful lyrics. His songs revolved around the enjoyment and challenges of daily life, capturing every aspect of human emotion using prodigious melodies and beats. Currently, he is regarded as one of the emerging artists of Atlanta, possessing elevated skills, contributing to the new wave of music, and leaving his fans hooked to his every release. A month after releasing his debut album, “The Dreams,” he achieved 100k streams on Soundcloud and was named the champion of Soulja Boy’s 2019 SODMG Indie Mega Fest.

Also, H3TheArtist recently competed in the BETs “Who Wants To Make It” competition, scoring over 40,000 points and becoming a memorable contestant. Moreover, besides being an exceptional music artist, H3TheArtist is also working as a popular model for a reputable clothing brand in Atlanta, entitled Disquize Atlanta. The brand has gained solid credibility because of delivering high-end services with top-notch quality apparel and is, therefore, regarded as one of the hottest independent clothing brands in Atlanta and the southeast. Having a confident and multi-faceted personality has helped him surpass every endeavor. Several reputable individuals recognized his capabilities at the concert, and by the age of 17, he was approached by several esteemed individuals to model.

Having been a rising individual, H3TheArtist was selected to be the face of the luxe collection for fall 2020 and a sponsored artist for the brand. H3TheArtist has worked hard to reach the heights of success, refusing to give up on his dreams, and works diligently to amaze his fans while getting more recognition and fame worldwide.

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