MARIO L. HERMAN Offers Skilled Legal Counsel on International Franchise Matters

MARIO L. HERMAN is an attorney with decades of practicing franchise law. The attorney provides skilled legal counsel regarding international franchise matters. He also has an extensive background representing franchisees exclusively in domestic and international law. His knowledge and skill are nationally recognized, so the Wall Street Journal and local news and radio programs have interviewed him regarding franchise issues. Mr. Herman also speaks Spanish, and So far, he has represented domestic and foreign franchisees from more than 150 different systems.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “When expanding internationally, there are many new factors to take into account, including safeguarding the intellectual property abroad, abiding by local regulations that must be followed and franchise-specific legislation, tax structuring, and choosing the best franchise model. Knowing whether the current or potential advisors have the necessary training and skills to provide efficient assistance is also crucial. This is because these advisors can aid one in making successful plans, comparing their business deals to others in the industry, and avoiding frequent mistakes if they are familiar with how franchising is governed worldwide.”

When it comes to master franchising, MARIO L. HERMAN is a master franchise contract lawyer who can assist anyone in finding the required answers to questions that touch on master franchising, such as how much marketing support one will get from an international franchisor or whether one will they recruit, train and support their franchisees. And if one intends to purchase a franchise, the attorney can also assist them in analyzing and reviewing the master franchise agreement. Mr. Herman has over 33 years of experience representing franchisees in the US and abroad. So, contact him today to discuss international master franchises and get the information they need to make knowledgeable decisions about their franchise business.

The company spokesperson added, “It is vital to note that though having a network of worldwide offices is desirable, franchise lawyers must serve as the central point of contact for coordinating guidance. And since franchising is a specialized field of law, a person’s franchise lawyer should only work with local specialists on their deal, even if doing so means avoiding their own local office if necessary. Several global law companies lack this level of adaptability, and thus, it is always important to find out who is offering local guidance and what expertise they have. For more insight, clients can contact us.”

Since the prospect of becoming an owner of a master franchise can be exciting, clients shouldn’t let the enthusiasm of the moment blind them. And in such times, the help of Mr. Herman, who has experience in franchise litigation and contracts, is always an invaluable resource. He will ensure they don’t overlook any deal aspect that deserves further consideration. For those looking for an attorney for international franchising strategy, MARIO L. HERMAN is the perfect attorney to contact.


MARIO L. HERMAN provides informative counsel to franchisees. He advises them of the risks involved in owning an international franchise and protects their rights and business interests should a dispute arise.

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