Podaruj Dane introduces new services in Medical Data Donation

Podaruj Dane is Donate Data Foundation. Recently, it launched a new “Give Data” project that contributes to medical data donation and research.

Żelazna, Warsaw – Podaruj Dane emerges as the data donation organization in the industry. The recent expansion launched a new project called “Give Data.” It is a revolutionary approach to the issue of obtaining patient medical data for research. 

These data, collected from a large and diverse group of patients, help to answer the questions about medicine and develop drugs for previously incurable autoimmune diseases, cancer, and many, many other ailments left without treatment.

The idea of ​​data donation is the concept of donating medical data for research and development purposes in medicine. The Podaruj Dane Foundation implements it based on consents/declarations of will collected from donors/patients submitted to the Podarój Dane platform. It is analogous to authorizing a patient’s family member to access their medical records. As with other types of donations (blood, bone marrow, organs), participation in Medical Data Donation will be voluntary and unpaid.

Moreover, Podaruj Dane functions as the Donate Data Foundation, an independent non-profit organization that acts as a trusted third party in donating medical data. It comprises leading NGOs from Poland, which guarantee independence, security, transparency, and supervision over the process of donating medical data.

The establishment of the Foundation is a response to the appeal of the European Commission, which in its documents indicates the need to create a “trusted third party.” To whom the patient will be able to donate their data, also taking care that the data is made public and not nationalized. In this way, patients can support the development of medicine by sharing their medical data without fear of potential abuse by governments or related corporations.

Initially, the critical element of the Foundation’s activities will be creating a Medical Data Donation system, in which the patient will have the opportunity to consent to the transfer of his data to the Foundation. It provides medical data to various institutions, e.g., universities, for research and development purposes. 

However, before the data is forwarded, there will be a process of their safe anonymization, i.e., complete deletion of data that allows identification of who the data belongs. After creating the system, the main task of the Foundation will be to promote the idea of ​​Medical Data Donation and to find partners who will transform data donation from an idea into a force that drives the development of the medicine of the future.

Furthermore, The entire Data Donation process is done online. People only need a computer with Internet access and an account in one of the leading Polish banks. To become a Data Giver, interested donors need to follow the following steps:

  1. People must create an account on the Podaruj Data platform, 

  2. They must go through the process of confirming their identity with “my-ID” and 

  3. Finish by giving their consent. The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes!

Intending donors must visit the following links for further information and become a donor.

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