REMTX, a powerful tool for digital asset investment

All assets of human will eventually be digitized. The process of asset digitization is inevitable and irreversible. Digital currency is the pioneer of the digitization of human assets. Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency, was born in 2008, leading the wave of digital currency quickly sweeping the world and bring earth-shaking changes to global finance and finance in the next ten years.

Digital assets will be the mainstream development direction of the future society. For most ordinary investors, investment of decentralized digital asset is the fairest, most open investment method, which has become the consensus of global investors of investing in digital assets at present.

Unlike many other investment markets, the digital asset investment market is global-oriented with 24 hours running and without protection mechanism such as rise and fall limits. Therefore, it is not easy for individual investors to make a profit in the digital asset secondary market. Problems such as lack of professional knowledge and experience, insufficient time and energy, emotional fluctuations affecting judgment, and inability to sustain profits are difficult to solve.

REMTX, the new generation of AI quantitative system launched by SwapIt, a well-known technology company in Singapore, has created the model of artificial intelligence technology + big data analysis + quantitative, liberating investors’ hands and brains, completely solving investment problems, and achieving sustainable and stable profits.

The REMTX team integrates top talents in financial investment, blockchain, digital asset trading, computer artificial intelligence, etc., fully considering the complexity of the trading environment and the diversity of user needs, and has undergone a large number of simulation verification on REMTX before going online. Relying on five major advantages, two major investment strategies and quantitative investment system, REMTX can fully meet the various investment needs of different users.

Five major advantages:

1. Simple operation: no learning cost, one-click to start the quantitative trading system and fully automatic custody.

2. Automatic trading: 7*24 uninterrupted automatic trading. No need to track the market with intelligent anti-waterfall and profit tracking.

3. AI aggregation strategy: real-time big data analysis, intelligent recommendation of the latest strategy parameters.

4. Lightning Network: millisecond transaction speeds to seize profitability.

5. Safe and secure: all data is authentically traceable and the user has full control of the account permissions.

Two Investment Strategy:

REMTX, based on Martingale trading strategy and grid trading strategy, has developed leveraged grid, term arbitrage and other aggregated quantitative trading functions, etc., and added technical features such as up and down trend tracking, anti-pin technology and anti-waterfall, making it more suitable for complex market environment.

Quantitative Investment System:

In addition to intelligent arbitrage, REMTX also has quantitative trading investment products target at finance, where users can see in detail the fixed holding period/return rate/starting investment amount and maximum amount of different products. The principal and income will be automatically returned to the user’s REMTX account after the holding period of the investment product expires. With the support of the quantitative system, such pledged trading investment products have high and stable returns.

There are many investment projects under the ads of high returns in the market, but their risks and sustainability are avoided talking. Such projects have huge hidden dangers for investors. REMTX uses AI quantitative risk-free arbitrage to make profits for investors with stable income, and ignore the rise and fall of digital currency. As long as there are still digital currency transactions, REMTX can continue to provide investors with a steady stream of benefits, which is unmatched by other investment projects.

Nowadays, AI quantitative trading has been widely used in the world’s largest investment market, the foreign exchange investment market, and many investment institutions have deeply relied on AI quantitative trading services, which fully shows that in a fully free investment market, AI quantitative trading It is the general trend to replace manual transactions to a large extent. In the field of digital asset investment, REMTX has stood at the forefront of this revolution.

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