Messiah expands into the US Market

Ad tech SaaS addresses the needs of data starved digital advertisers in the rapidly evolving world of a privacy first internet

After a successful roll out in Australia, Messiah has begun its U.S expansion.

Messiah is a customer data processor built exclusively for digital advertisers to reclaim their lost advertising data following privacy changes.

Today between 40-60% of data needed by advertisers and their ad platforms is no longer available due to implications stemming from privacy changes, 3rd party cookies being phased out, the use of ad blockers and most recently, Apple’s iOS allowing users to opt out of being tracked and targeted.

In the coming year Google will be introducing similar privacy measures to Apple and have publicly stated that at least 65% of their data will no longer be available for advertisers and their ad platforms to use for optimization and attribution.

With the digital advertising industry predicted to reach $650bn this year, there is a massive need for a solution that respects user privacy but still allows advertisers to track and pass advertising data to their ad platforms for their campaigns to perform optimally. This is why Messiah was created.

Head quartered in Australia, Messiah has been live since December 2021 and is beginning to roll out in the U.S market.Messiah currently integrates with the Meta and Google Advertising ecosystems and will soon be turning on Tik Tok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

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