Urban Indian Heritage Society Launches Petition To Remedy the Misclassified People of North America

Charitable organization for the advocacy of ancestral lands and history, Urban Indian Heritage Society, announces the launch of the Remedy for the Misclassified People of North America! petition

Urban Indian Heritage Society has taken its advocacy for the curation, preservation, and maintenance of ancestral lands to another level following the launch of a petition on First Tribe Nation. The charitable organization has created the Remedy for the Misclassified People of North America! petition to “set the record straight” about the history of the Misclassified American Indians and their right to participate in the process of restoring and restituting the clan.

The history of the United States is incomplete without the mention of American Indians, with studies revealing the massive impact they had on the country. Over the years, these people have been seemingly deprived of several perks, leading to agitation from several nonprofits in a bid to raise awareness about the plight of misclassified American Indians. Consequently, Urban Indian Heritage Society is lending its voice to the cause as reiterated with the launch of the Misclassified People of North America! petition.

Urban Indian Heritage Society is using the petition to demand reclassification of ethnic birthrights, removal or vacating of Federal and State occupied American Indian lands, return of assets, restitution, punitive damages, and institutional reform. The nonprofit is creating an avenue to address the grievances of erasure and ethnocidal misconduct against the Misclassified American Indian.

Some of the demands of the organization include the creation of an oversight committee to govern the seven mandatory criteria for tribal membership and appeals for tribal membership denial within all State and Federally recognized tribes, implementation and funding of Federally Mandated American Indian culture/heritage contemporary education and the seven arts throughout all federally funded American Schools, and a host of others.

To lend a voice to the cause pursued by Urban Indian Heritage Society and raise awareness about the plight of Misclassified American Indians, visit First Tribe Nation.

For further information about the petition and other initiatives from Urban Indian Heritage Society, visit – https://urbanindianheritagesociety.org/ and Twitter.

About Urban Indian Heritage Society

Urban Indian Heritage Society is a charitable organization originally founded to research, document, and preserve the history and culture of disenfranchised American Indian lineal descendants. The organization advocates curation, preservation, and maintenance of ancestral lands, as well as the appropriate renaming of historical sites.

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