CENGCEN Pet Monitoring Camera Dog Treat Dispenser Is Available On Amazon.

Pet owners’ greatest concern is that their pet is, at all times, happy, healthy and above all, alive. Given the chance, most of them would spend entire days with their furry friends by their side. But this is impossible for many, with people having to get out of their comfort zones to run errands while some simply have to make a living. While the invention of pet cameras was a sure game changer, the addition of treat dispensers ensured that owners can still express the love for their beloved pets regardless of the time and the distance between them.

CENGCEN Pet Monitoring Camera Dog Treat Dispenser, $84.99.


CENGCEN pet monitoring camera treat dispenser is a breath of fresh air for pet owners. It is impressively compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, facilitating a faster network performance and therefore more efficient communication between the device and the user.

One needs not to worry about the time they wish to interact with their dog since the camera treat dispenser comes equipped with night-vision technology, enabling the camera to switch to night mode whenever the light in the surrounding is dimmed. Furthermore, the treat is provided to the pets via a simple click on the phone APP, making it very convenient.


CENGCEN pet monitoring camera treat dispenser has a very wide field of view, spanning 1300, making it possible to monitor a vast area of the pet’s surrounding. The device also comes equipped with a 2-way audio, making it possible for the owner and the pet to exchange sounds with each other. It also gives the provision, through the mobile app, to adjust the treat tossing sound to one which is easily recognized or preferred by the pet.


CENGCEN pet monitoring camera treat dispenser is also equipped with high quality wall hooks that make it possible to mount the device on the wall or any other surface without necessarily drilling holes. The product boasts a motion detection technology that will automatically start recording whenever the pet walks around the device. The camera captures images of 1080P high definition quality, while old clips will automatically be deleted once the storage is full. The device is easy to set up and the mobile application runs well on IOS 10.2 or Android 4.2 and later versions of both operating systems.

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CENGCEN Pet Monitoring Camera Treat Dispenser


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