Enflow out to redefine the industry with game-changing software for real estate agents and businesses

Enflow serves as an all-in-one customer experience marketing platform to help businesses with reviews, customer communication, lead capture, payment simplification, and so much more.

Enflow is out to revolutionize the industry after launching a game-changing platform that takes branding, lead generation, and marketing strategies for real estate agents a step further.

Enflow offers an innovative management software that allows real estate agents to manage their leads (CRM, like salesforce), increase their visibility through easy 1-click review requests, and schedule their social posts (like Hootsuite).

Olivier Beaulieu of Enflow, however, says most importantly, the software allows real estate agents to create automation. 

“Given the fact that there’s a lot more to the real industry business than checking out properties, real estate agents are the gems who check properties from head to toe. They’re the ones who lead the way in ensuring that a property is perfect for its new owner. That’s why automating the real estate business can make their lives much easier. That’s where Enflow comes into the picture,” says Olivier.

Olivier says Enflow sets them up with Facebook Ads that push their leads to a funnel – which is also created through the software. Olivier leads the way in putting automation in place so that their leads are contacted immediately as against someone calling them, the agent not picking, and the client moving on to another agent.

Enflow provides one-stop-shop services – from marketing to automation to management and boosting their reputation on Google. Olivier says Enflow’s goal is to help as many agents as possible to grow their sales and network as they head into a more difficult time with hiking interest rates and the drop in housing sales.

“Automation in the real estate industry can help thousands of real estate agents focus on more crucial tasks like presenting properties, legal documentation, and winning more profits,” says Olivier.

With all the leads in one place, Olivier says real estate agents can manage all the deals efficiently in their sales pipeline. Moreover, they can also build several pipelines for different kinds of properties like homes, apartments, and many more.

In addition, real estate agents also get to identify the most successful source of leads with an innovative automated system in place.

As a game-changing platform for businesses, Enflow specializes in reviews & messaging for local businesses and is on a mission to help small businesses engage with customers quicker and easier to enhance the overall customer experience to help everyone grow. 

“Enflow aims to help them be relevant so they can serve your customers at a higher level. Our goal is to help give them the tools and resources to maximize their growth while at the same time helping them amplify the positive impact they have in their community. Enflow employs a highly diverse team in skills and culture to serve them better,” assures Olivier.

Real estate agents and business professionals may book a demo and pick a date and time they prefer to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Enflow may visit its website via www.getenflow.com or follow its social channels for more information.

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