Rimuut Rebrands as Ruul, Brandishes a Freshly Polished Look, and Anticipates New Features

Rimuut, the Europe-based work, finance, and compliance solution platform for remote workers, solo businesses, and organizations that want to go global, has decided to rebrand as Ruul to continue the next chapter with a wider range of services, a broader vision and a new texture.

As digital transformation envelopes the world, more and more independent professionals and global organizations are embracing the freshly-ushered “location-independent” work era, what Ruul refers to as “the remote reality”. Solo talents and organizations across all compass points embraced the exciting opportunities and benefits this brought but have also faced a series of challenges, many of which are related to international payments and global compliance.

Rimuut, the Europe-based fintech platform currently known for its innovative finance and compliance solutions has resurfaced on the market as Ruul with a welcomed upgrade in its vision, product line, and aesthetic.

Work as we know it is now out of date

The Covid-19 pandemic proved that “work as we know it is now out of date”, according to Ruul’s co-founders. The company has been tremendously successful in helping solo talents and organizational representatives tackle the challenges of the new work paradigm but felt that its already-exemplary solutions could be brought even closer to perfection. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the name “Ruul”, the company’s Communications Team imparted the following:

“Ruul is inspired by the action of “ruling”. Through and past the pandemic, we have witnessed that flexibility can be applicable to work life, but it has a prerequisite: autonomy, which means the ability and initiative to govern oneself with one’s own rules. We are now bound to this idea and ethic more than ever and will work towards making the culture of autonomy rule work relations all around the globe.” 

Universal work solutions made for the contemporary landscape of work

Even before transitioning to Ruul, Rimuut’s mission was to empower its clients with business flexibility and agility. As Rimuut, the company served over 50.000 talents and more than 10.000 organizations with its primary features of cross-currency invoicing, customizable work agreements, and global payments. Over the course of 5 years, it enabled independent talents and organizations to work in compatibility through streamlined and borderless work solutions.

Now, Ruul’s primary goal is to establish talents located anywhere as true rulers of their work and life, and help modern organizations adapt to the idea of work autonomy and expand their influence by the power of it. To achieve this, the company offers a host of unique benefits and knowledge to its clients. 

“Ruul is here to help anyone achieve working without compromising autonomy with an array of new universal work solutions made for the contemporary landscape of digital and remote work.” Ruul’s Communications Team said. 

New features, knowledge base, and community awaiting Ruulers

Ruul is expanding its product set to help talents self-rule their career and organizations rule their talent operations anywhere:

–  Connect, the new marketplace feature, enables organizations and talents to match and start a conversation for project-based, contractual or full-time/part-time employment opportunities
–  Agreements and Invoicing features allow both parties to draw agreements to set the terms for their business relationship and settle the details of pricing
–  EOR (Employer of Record) is another upcoming feature for organizations to be able to hire, onboard, manage and pay employees remotely and in compliance with labor and tax regulations all around the world without having to set up new entities at new locations
–  Payments can be easily made by organizations to talents located anywhere in the world with local or global currencies of their choosing
–  Tax Assistance is an upcoming feature for talents to be able to receive expert guidance on calculating and filing taxes
–  Banking is a soon to come feature which will enable talents to save, track, collect, and spend their money on the very same platform

As the company moves toward becoming an all-in-one solution to manage every step within the work cycle, its knowledge and content world are expanding too. With deeper knowledge about global hiring, the talent market, team management, new trends in the world of work, and more, Ruul will be reflecting its expertise on its blog and social media channels. An exclusive community uplifting autonomous professionals is also in the works.

More information about Ruul is available on the company’s official LinkedIn page

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