Mita Health Group’s Rising Value in the Health Tourism Industry Continues its Investments

Mita Health Group has got significant merit with its new investments in the health sector as of 2022. Mita Health Group, which operates in many different branches of the health sector, continues to add value to the field with these speculations and successful studies.

Although Mita Health Group which is an awarded clinic is considered a new brand in the health sector, the company’s founder is a successful name with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. After holding successful positions in the health domain for many years and gaining significant experience in the field, Hakan Sen and Erdal Soydan, co-founders and CEOs of Mita, brought Mita Health Group to this sector in 2018 to provide obesity surgeries, dental treatments, hair transplants and plastic surgeries procedures at best quality hospitals in both Istanbul and Izmir with the most experienced and master surgeons and doctors that led the clinic to be one of the best obesity clinics in Turkey.

The success rate in obesity surgeries reaches 100%

Mita Health Group, the sophisticated name in modern Health Tourism, which has performed more than 7000 Weight-loss procedures in Turkey since its establishment and has not encountered any complication cases, is the best proof that success is not a coincidence. In each operation, thanks to the success of the physician and, of course, the quality of the materials used, an exquisite touch is made to people’s lives. Enabling them to go on with their lives in a healthier way. It has become one of the finest destinations for people from all over the Globe. 

A sound entry into the pharmaceutical sector is being made.

Hakan Sen, co-founder of Mita Health Group, is one of the old representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. With the new pharmaceutical company he has established, he manages to create an outstanding entry into this field. Misen Naturals Ilac A.S. The pharmaceutical company launched its first food supplement that ameliorates the quality of sleep as well as stress management, named Lavrest. It will be followed by multiple new food supplements and medical pills in the near future created and tested by an experienced team. 

The dental clinic has just started its activities and is there to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

As of 2022, Mita Health Group continued to develop in the market and took a step in the Oral and Dental Health sector. They have established their own 6-unit polyclinic dental clinic under Mita Dental Clinics, which enriched the family of Mita Health Group subsidiaries. In this clinic, as in all areas, the basic principle is always to prioritise patients’ health and comfort. All medical and aesthetic treatments are carried out in the dental clinic, which is fully equipped with high-tech equipment. 

Two leading brands of health tourism operate under Mita Health Group.

Mita Health Group continues to create the leading brands of health tourism. Mita Health and Lowcostmed (a subsidiary that provides services and treatments at affordable and competitive prices) brands have gained an effective and prosperous place in the sector in a short time. These two companies, which provide services for people from all over the world to benefit from Turkey’s successful health practices, work with a vision that is open to new structures and developments. 

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