Vedicshala Introduces Free Virtual Library With A Huge Collection Of Health And Wellness Books

Vedicshala Introduces Free Virtual Library With A Huge Collection Of Health And Wellness Books

Vedicshala offers a free virtual library with a vast collection of books on health
and wellness.

Vedicshala, the trusted online platform that answers all queries related to Ayurveda and the reliable Ayurveda-specific information resource, has recently made an important announcement. The portal offers a free virtual library with free health and wellness books for those looking for authentic information.

“We are happy to announce the introduction of a free eBooks library for everyone who cares about Ayurveda and its benefits,” says the spokesperson for Vedicshala. “At Vedicshala, we believe that knowledge should be accessible to every person equally and freely. The virtual library can help educate people on the health and wellness aspects of life.”

According to the spokesperson, visitors to the virtual library can browse through the vast collection of Ayurveda books online and conveniently get the information they are looking for.

The library also offers several healthy recipes online through virtual books on the subject of healthy living.

Some of the key features of the Vedicshala free virtual library are: 

  • Unlimited and free access to books online
  • Bookmarking features for ready future reference
  • Adjustable page size for a better reading experience
  • Auto flip facility
  • Page thumbnails that allow easy toggling between pages 

Visitors to the library can read and flip pages virtually. They don’t have to download or print the pages. By using this paperless access to books, they are also contributing to the environment every time they visit the eBooks library. 

Visitors can also share the books with like-minded persons using the share button. 

The virtual library is updated every week with new books and updated editions. It presents an excellent opportunity to learn about Ayurveda and wellness in general for all those who love the subject and want an authentic source of information. 

Learned and educated persons of a family can visit the free virtual library, gain and update their knowledge about Ayurveda and help families make healthy decisions. They can also suggest changes in lifestyle habits to make life more fun and enjoyable. When the women in the family are educated about wellness, it can positively impact the whole family and its collective health. 

You can access the eBooks library for free by clicking

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About Vedicshala: 

Vedicshala is the world’s first and only company offering online Ayurveda consultation. The platform is served by some of the most experienced and renowned Ayurvedic practitioners. They have gained their education in Ayurveda from leading experts and top Ayurvedic institutes. Patients can also buy 100 percent natural supplements online from Vedicshala that are FDA-approved and GMP-certified.

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