Procolored unveils the most affordable yet high-quality DTF printer under $1000

With a fast printing speed, it takes only 3 minutes to print an A4-sized image via the A4 DTF Printer. The Direct to Film Printer also offers free PRO RIP printing software that allows users to print multiple designs on the workbench at one time.

Procolored takes professional printing a step further after unveiling a game-changing, durable, and affordable A4 DTF Printer, the cheapest DTF printer on the market.

The Procolored L805 DTF A4 Printer is a direct-to-film printer that prints fast, is low-cost, and has a high profit. Highly rated for its bright colors and professional ink, the L805 DTF A4 Printer offers the best ways to expand the business.

Digital Transfer Film, the newest method in the digital printing world, allows easy-to-print t-shirts. In addition, the texture of the print is extremely strong and elastic because the ink material is made of plastisol, assisted by adhesive glue or powdered flour to attach the printout from the film to the t-shirt material. The print is tight without porous and looks solid. 

With an unbeatable price of $899, the A4 DTF Printer is the most affordable DTF printer on the market. It offers a great return on investment for those who want to try the DTF technology. In addition, it features a White Ink Mix and Circulation to minimize printer head clogs and greatly extend print head lifetime. 

The Procolored L805 DTF A4 Printer also features an auto nozzle cleaning system, an automatic white ink stirring, a water & air cooling system, and a temperature and humidity display. 

Procolored takes pride in its 9+ innovative technology patents, 20+ engineers who provide a strong after-sales service, three years warranty plus good quality guarantee, and 15+ years of Research & Development and Manufacturing experience.

Emmanuel F, one of its customers, had this to say: “Print quality is very good. I am pleased with this product and will definitely be buying more from here in the future.”

Linda, another customer, lauded the Procolored team for coming up with such an innovative printer that serves as an excellent choice for sellers and entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses.

“I love my smart A4 Panda DTF printer. It’s so easy to print. I can print my design on the T-shirt in 3 simple steps,” wrote Linda in a review. 

Procolored is a professional UV printer manufacturer and UV printer supplier which has been focused on the digital printing field for more than 16 years. The core technology applied in UV printing is UV light curing technology, which distinguishes UV printing from traditional printing. Since this technology has been adopted, printing on almost any material is now possible. Procolored also offers the most comprehensive range of UV printers for sale for those who wish to buy a UV printer.

Those who want to add the A4 DTF Printer to their carts may visit right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Procolored and its complete list of products may check out its social channels for more information.

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