Netanel Semrik: “A loving class – Israel” – a new book in Hebrew is being published for the founders of the international program, David and Naomi Geffen

So what is a loving classroom?

A loving classroom is a curriculum based on cultivating 8 basic values ​​for a loving relationship within the classroom: respect, compassion, listening, kindness, gratitude, love, friendship and caring. The main goal of the program is to teach students and teachers how to strengthen the good relationships at school, hence the good relationships at home, in the family, at work, in the community, between cultures, between nationalities. In other words – building a loving world.

The “loving class” teaching method begins this school year also in Hebrew in Israel like its sisters that are already assimilated in schools around the world, in South Africa, Great Britain, the USA, Kenya and Gaza.From research for the Ministry of Education in South Africa, it was found that implementing a loving classroom can significantly reduce an atmosphere of bullying, vandalism, neglect, feelings of depression, exploitation, discrimination, anger and fights.The program is now also being studied by researchers from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford in the United Kingdom to measure the quality of the increased mental and physical health of the students, the increase in self-confidence, the sharpening of the sense of success, joy and, above all, the instilling of good relationships.The program, “Loving Classroom”, received the recognition of the Ministry of Education in Israel and a number of schools across the country from Kiryat Gat, Hasharon and the central region have already been exposed to a loving class by dozens of students, teachers and school administrators.

Netanel Semrik, had the privilege of interviewing the founding couple of Loving Classroom around the world, David and Naomi Geffen, in the digital television studio about the new book in Hebrew, which is in the advanced process of being published, and the most loving and beloved moments in their lives that were the catalyst for the beginning of the fascinating and extensive process that spreads throughout the globe.

David Geffen, who defines himself as a “love engineer”, in the past an outstanding engineer in the aerospace industry in a series of defense projects, highly qualified and a teacher by nature, decided to share his story from the time he learned to play the guitar. This period allowed him to research about frequencies – “I learned to be in one frequency with myself, with God and with the strings”, he explained with a smile, “If I have to resonate with one, one God, I also have to be one with myself”.

In addition, David is happy to share with us the advice that he would like every teacher in the “Loving Classroom” program to implement in order to become a “Loving Classroom” himself: “Look inside yourself and at the most challenging students in your class, and write 3 things that show you the inner light in each of them.”

Naomi Geffen, David’s partner in the creation, shared with us from the other angle, precisely the angle of the children facing the program – “It is their responsibility to bring their inner light out, each in their own way with a deep understanding of what role they play in the classroom, in the country and in the whole world.”

We spoke together with the publisher Netanel Semrik, about the experience of publishing together with David and Naomi Geffen, with whom he has been in the media for many years and was chosen by them to lead the project of “Loving Classroom Israel”, he stated that: “David and Naomi are teachers and educators by nature, who the spirit before the profit, and come out into the light every day anew to enlighten themselves, their environment and the classrooms and communities around the world. I am proud to take part in assimilating the values ​​of respectful communication between people. In the past months I had the privilege of meeting dozens of students and teachers of this intriguing program. It is evident that with complete faith, through the stories in the book, a real change can be made in children, teachers. This is a frequency that people are so thirsty for.”

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