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Quality Electric which is a family-owned and local electrician serving Lincoln County TN and beyond is advising those people thinking of buying a new property to have a professional electrician check the electrics.

A local electrician that serves Lincoln County TN has said too many people are making a huge mistake when buying a new property. Quality Electric ( who offers a professional electrical repair and maintenance service has said it is important to have the electrics checked before purchasing a new property.

When purchasing a new property most people check the roof is in good working order. However, according to Quality Electric which offers a 24/7 emergency service, they fail to have the electrics in the property checked by a local electrician. This according to the company that provides a full range of services including custom home wiring, could be an expensive mistake.

A spokesman for Quality Electric explained: “By not having the electrics checked in the property, it could result in the new homeowner being forced to spend large amounts of money making the property safe.”

The spokesman went on to continue that if any faults are found, the potential new owner could have the option of pulling out of the property sale or requesting a reduction in the price of the sale.

Quality Electric explained that the following checks should be made when viewing a new property.

Check that outlets work

Ask the current homeowner when the property was last rewired. Also, walk around the property and check the state of the outlets as well as test them to make sure they work properly.

Turn on each light switch

Have a walk around the property and check the light switches. Make sure the light switches are in good working order. Switch the lights on and make sure the lights do not flicker.

Review the basement

If the property has a basement, then it is important to check the electrical box. Make sure there are no unsecured wires.

Taking a local electrician with you to view a property could help the potential new owner avoid any unnecessary expenses. Quality Electric is more than happy to visit a property to check the electrics and provide a report.

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