Which will be the next famous meme coin like SHIB?

Looking back at history, starting from bitcoin, to doge, to shib, I believe that you have witnessed from the very beginning that a cryptocurrency will rise ten thousand times, or even hundreds of thousands of times, which is completely non-existent in the stock market, ten thousand times. The increase has attracted a batch of newcomers to join the ranks.

The ether chain is the eternal destination, ETH2.0 is here.


I watched with my own eyes my diaosi friend, who went from nothing to being extremely rich. He only made one correct decision in his life. In 15 years, he spent less than 5,000RMB to buy 20 million doge. Due to his busy work, he forgot that he owned the Dogecoin, which is regarded as a “joke” by the world, suddenly one day in May 2021, the word Dogecoin appeared in major news, he opened his wallet and saw a dog full of numbers on the screen Coins have been prosperous and rich in life.

I believe that you in front of the screen must have thought about this picture countless times. What is the pure meaning of meme? Why did Shib rise hundreds of thousands of times? What are the future opportunities for cryptocurrencies?

With the World Cup approaching in November, many people are full of expectations for the World Cup, but have you encountered all kinds of local dogs harvesting leeks in the name of the World Cup in the past two months? The bsc chain is currently a typical garbage storage place. It is just your luck to make money. There are countless Pixiu running away. Stop your steps. Is the blockchain project you are currently investing in a real decentralized token?

Driven by Elon, Dogecoin went to the world, and is called the father of Dogecoin. Shib was born in the bear market. Accidental opportunity came from the skyrocketing meme. Niu Chu brought a lot of traffic. More and more people started fomo, until they finally landed on Binance, Coinbase, and started Swap, which became a generation of myths. But some time ago, the founder of Shiba deleted all articles about Shib. I personally think it was the original shib that the founder could not see. This Shiba has changed too much and has become a tool for capital games. This is a success Social experiments, and also true social experiments, must come from a founder with a large pattern.

Proof of Memes (ETH2.0) was launched on the Ethereum network with the goal of becoming the governance token of the first layer blockchain of meme coins. Using the specific functions of the Uniswap protocol, the project development team can achieve it easily. Crowdfunding has both development funds and market funds, and needs to build and expande, to make POM Blockchain (POMCHAIN) despite become the largest Memecoin by market cap.Dogecoin is non-programmable and does not allow developers to directly develop. Proof of the Doge meme takes a new approach to the problem: Constructing a new Blockchain ecosystem as base layer, all Mem coins can not only start ETH or BSC networks but reach new heights

The founder of this social experiment is very firm in his beliefs and believes that this experiment will be successful. Like Shib, I did the same when I first bought Shib, and I was firm in my heart that if this experiment was successful, I would get a huge amount of money. The wealth, Shiba took 500 times, also I think Soma’s experiment will have a huge performance and traffic in the World Cup. At present, the double-c has been submitted, and the US market can see that it will explode at a certain point in time. This moment As silent as a volcano.

Communication with the founder I think he is an experiment initiator with very rich experience. The founding team of Shib has had in-depth exchanges with him. For specific planning, please refer to the official website and white paper for understanding.


New #blockchain experience taking the cryptosphere by storm!

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Projects need to be lurking, calm down and study carefully. If you are impatient, you will retire. Those who get big results will always be the few who can hold them. Please don’t miss this social experiment.

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