Reshaping Swimming In Central Ohio


LIMA, Ohio — Swim Gym Elite, LLC. The first high performance swimming specific training facility in Ohio announced today its official launch with a grand opening planned for mid-May, 2013.

Swim Gym Elite facilities located in Lima, Ohio utilize Endless Pool technology along with hi-definition multi-angle under and above water video analysis to provide the highest level of technical training possible for swim specific sports in a safe and secure environment.

“Swim Gym Elite will provide age group to elite swim coaching services using the latest in equipment, methods and world class coaches to the central Ohio area.” Says Swim Gym Elite co-founder Percy Gendreau. “We’re thrilled to begin offering services that we believe will truly reshape swimming in Central Ohio.  Athletes  can leverage technology and equipment not readily available in Ohio for the purposes of individualized & focused technical swim guidance for those wishing to take their training to the next level – including high school, college bound, masters and triathlete swimmers. Swim Gym Elite methods allow athletes to be evaluated and perform in a controlled atmosphere- receive immediate feedback and corrections all while watching themselves on various flat screen TV’s or mirrors surrounding each pool from points of view very few swimmers will ever be able to see otherwise.” 

“Swimming in the Swim Gym Elite pool allows me to compare what my backstroke and freestyle stroke looks like compared to Olympic swimmers and allows me to better feel my stroke since for me these pools tend to exaggerate mistakes ,…” claims one young athlete.

Athletes are videoed from various critical angles while swimming, after which coaching staff critique and provide correcting guidance which is then saved with each athlete’s video footage. Video footage is then shared with the swimmer using a specialized and secure website, where they can review and watch their technical session repeatedly to reinforce the coaches’ guidance. Other focused services offered to round out the swim athlete will be strength training, conditioning, Yoga & Pilates, as well as VO2Max testing/monitoring.

“Additionally, Swim Gym Elite will be forging new ground by harnessing the latest in video conferencing to “bring the coach to the swimmer” versus the swimmer to the coach. Traditionally elite coaching meant travelling to parts of the country where these coaches were located, or athletes had to wait for scheduled swim camps throughout the year. This way we can make the best use of everyone’s resources and time,” said Gendreau. “ Athletes that have been in the pools are amazed with the level of detail we can capture about their stroke, which then motivates them to continue correcting their technique once they see the before and after videos, and that’s what we’re after- Making Swimmers Better.” Gendreau continues.

Swim Gym Elite is also seeking to formalize additional alliances and partnering arrangements with various world class coaching resources which will be available to augment strong local coaching resources, giving athletes true elite level evaluation and guidance.  News on existing Elite coaching resources will be forthcoming shortly.

Swim Gym Elite membership allows access to video & periodic checkpoint assessments, long term stroke reconstruction packages and other individualized athlete services, both for individuals or in small groups. 


Founded in Lima, Ohio in 2012, Swim Gym Elite facilities couple Endless Pool technology, the latest in video analysis tools and training regiments to provide an individualized and complete aquatic athlete training program. Swim Gym Elite age group through elite coaches cater to each athletes strengths and competitive drive allowing for continuous improvement regardless of an athlete’s current skill sets.

Company Name: Swim Gym Elite
Contact Person: Percy Gendreau
Email: Send Email
Phone: (248)-872-5433
City: Lima
State: Ohio
Country: United States