First-Of-Its-Kind Virtual World “Celebverse City”, Unveils Look of First Ever Celeb ‘Eve’

Dubai – The Celebverse City is an innovative, first-of-its-kind virtual world where you can live your experience like never before. With freedom and choice, individuals around the globe can now enjoy their choice neighborhood and own their space in Celebrity verse. After going live recently, Celebverse City unveils the Look of the First ever celeb ‘Eve’.

Celebverse City is a VR world for humans – the first to offer investment opportunities and exposure to the booming real estate sector via Metaverse. The virtual world is inspired by ‘Adam & Eve’, an original human couple and parents of the human race. As a result, one can buy, sell, or rent houses in Celebverse City, and acquire virtual property with the assistance of virtual accurate estate-centric services.

Speaking on this, Yogesh Dixit, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific, Celebverse City said, “Eve is the first ever celebrity of the universe and the concept of celebverse is designed around her and Adam and we have worked really hard on Adam and her looks. Celebverse City is a digital representation of those characters celebrities are known for, where users can now create and control their virtual city. Celebverse City was created by leveraging blockchain technology to create a trust-less digital experience, making it easier for them to trade in virtual assets with each other without third-party interference.”

“With the help of Web 3.0 technologies, users can do more than just buy, trade, and sell virtual assets. They can also explore the limitless possibilities made possible by the strong, reliable, and trusted Smart Audit Contracts of the Ethereum Blockchain.” He added.

“We have Mr. Santhosh Palavesh on the advisory board of Celebverse City. He is one of the sought-out minds in Blockchain, DeFi, Crypto & Metaverse. He won over 14+ entrepreneurial awards and is a business and technology pacesetter with 13+ years of success strategizing and leading organizations at the brink of digital change and growth. His deep expertise in business management strengthened by intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial experience and grounded in real-world technical experience, will provide the foundation for next-generation ideas, development, and implementation plus will also help in increasing marketability for forward-moving companies” he further added.

Celebverse City is a peer-to-peer community especially facilitated withinside the Metaverse. This platform gives targeted FAQs and a roadmap to acquisition. Citizens can personalise their NFTs, design, mint, buy, sell, and public sale the land parcels. Newer celebs shall additionally gain from having enchanting acquaintances withinside the new world.

Celebverse city will not only focus on celebrities from entertainment and glamour but across all walks of life. Our focus will be on self-made entrepreneurs and brands especially.

Celebverse city will officially start land staking pool sales in the first week of November.

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Celebverse City is a first-of-its-kind virtual world where users can have the exclusive experience of celeb cities, concerts and events. We utilize our tech expertise to create complete solutions for businesses looking to grow in the virtual environment.

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