Youth and entrepreneurship: Why People Should promote it

Dr. Neva of Nevalliance hosted an entrepreneurship workshop for Uniondale Senior High School students in Uniondale, NY. The development of youth entrepreneurship is an effective part of economic development. Dr. Neva believes that beyond looking for a job, students should consider entrepreneurship a career option. Young people are potential future leaders and the critical mechanism for prosperity.

Entrepreneurship is critical in stimulating economic growth and development. Entrepreneurship should be promoted within high schools to prepare students with more career options. The economy requires new entrepreneurs on a yearly basis. A successful entrepreneurship can establish a strong cultural identity and community. You get to build more competitive individuals and create innovative services and goods

Dr. Neva believes that entrepreneurship training aims to equip students with relevant knowledge and skills as a practical means to encourage youth entrepreneurship. When hosting these workshops, we need to enforce a few ideologies.

Being an entrepreneur means being innovative. School leaders should promote innovation and creativity and encourage independent thinking. You will have to encourage independent thinking in students to start believing in themselves. What destroys innovation and creativity is not being able to think freely by telling students what to do or what occupation they should pursue.

Another step in creating innovation and creativity is to group students. By doing this, you bring unique perspectives and talents together. Students can benefit from each other weaknesses and strengths.  Additionally, students need to be challenged. Pupils who are enthusiastic to prove themselves will love intriguing, unique, and vibrant challenges.


After the workshop, students stated great valuable takeaways. Some students mentioned starting their businesses. It is great to have an actual entrepreneur to teach an entrepreneurship workshop as it brings real-life experience to the classroom. The truth is that for any of these workshops to be effective, the program should be continuous by working with these students to start the business planning stages and complete them. A few months of working with these students will be more valuable to their growth.

Dr. Neva owns Nevalliance, which provides business training and development. She is a trainer, author, business coach, and speaker. You may learn more about Dr. Neva Alexander at

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