RoofWell Brings Fair Pricing To Homeowners In A Salesy $27 Billion Roofing Industry

RoofWell, a Texas-based roofing company, announced today the deployment of a new technology that brings instant price transparency and unparalleled simplicity to homeowners looking to replace the roof on their home.

“We’re proud to finally give homeowners the upper hand in an industry that is notorious for being slow and salesy,” says Kevan Boone, co-founder of RoofWell. “It’s just the right thing to do for the communities we serve.”

This news comes in the wake of a record setting year in Texas for severe weather events (688 hail and wind events) that unexpectedly required many of the 1.5 million affected Texans to replace their roof, according to a Verisk’s 2021 report.

RoofWell surveyed that among these already unfortunate homeowners, many feel they were price-gouged by roofers and confused by the roofing process. This isn’t something new, however. For decades, the process of getting a quote for a new roof has been cumbersome and confusing for homeowners.

RoofWell says their goal is to change that, and firmly believes that their fair and transparent pricing approach to the market solves this issue.

“We’re finally able to deliver a hassle-free experience from quote to project completion,” expressly agreed Kevan and Garrett Boone, the co-founding brothers of the company.

How does it work?

Using advances in high-definition imagery and artificial intelligence to accurately measure rooftops from a remote position, RoofWell has already measured nearly every residential roof in the entire United States, and therefor is able to deliver on-demand pricing to homeowners for over 23 different roofing systems in a wide range of color choices on their website, instantly.

Everything a homeowner needs to make a confident decision is there for instant review on the website; from pricing and options to material descriptions and videos, as well as one-click financing.

Amazingly, this is all accomplished without a homeowner first needing to invite a roofing contractor to their home. This means no more scheduling and waiting on contractors, no more in-person high pressure sales pitches, and no more confusion about roofing options as a homeowner.

All that a homeowner needs to do is go to and enter in their home address. From there, the entire experience feels truly simple and refreshingly fair. – They don’t even ask for an email address or phone number.

Environmental Stewardship

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, customers are happy to know that RoofWell offers green roofing options and even incorporates charitable contributions into their business model. For every roof that they install, they give a percentage of their profits to OnlyOne Inc., a registered 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States. – For every roof that is installed, on average 240 trees and 24 corals are planted, and 79kg of plastic are removed from the ocean, resulting in 3.6 tonnes of carbon reduced per property installation. – This is something no other roofing company is doing.

“Through conscious effort, and courage to do the right thing, we can leave the world better than we found it,” says RoofWell.

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