Effiqs Teaches B2B SaaS Clients to Slash Customer Acquisition Costs with their CAC Payback Optimization Program

The business-to-business (B2B) ecosystem has a valuable tool in Effiqs’ three-month CAC Payback Optimization Program. Onboarding new customers is thrilling for businesses, but customer acquisition cost (CAC) must be considered. Effiqs slashes those costs, reducing the time required to recover the expense.

Effiqs is a growth consultancy that helps B3B SaaS companies increase their efficiency, reduce customer acquisition costs, and accelerate their growth by implementing data-driven strategies. 

The Effiqs CAC Payback Optimization program offers clients the opportunity to cut their current CAC by at least 25 percent while still maintaining inbound leads. The company aims to reduce the CAC payback period — the length of time it takes a business to recover the cost of acquiring new customers. In general, this metric is measured in months. 

“Effiqs has a proven marketing methodology for B2B SaaS businesses in North America that are looking to significantly decrease their customer acquisition costs payback time to spur further growth and increase profits,” Effiqs founder Alex Hollander said. “Secure the success of your next big investment round.”

The proven path to lower CAC and promote growth

The team of experts at Effiqs has assembled a collection of strategies for a comprehensive growth system, increasing sales funnel efficiency in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Starting with a strategic understanding of the client’s marketing strategy, Effiqs determines which methods will improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and productivity with omnichannel strategies. 

Effiqs works to refine lead flow structure through attribution modeling, defined events and goals, and aligning sales and marketing strategies for clients, building a more efficient system from the company’s foundation. Clients optimize user interface and experience, increasing the conversion of leads to paying customers. 

“Get your brand positioned above the competition with effective SEO solutions that ensure your target audience takes note of your business,” Effiqs representatives said. “We optimize your marketing efforts with lead magnets, personalized content, and case studies.”

Grow lead generation while reducing costs

The team at Effiqs B2B SaaS marketing agency maximizes client lead generation while reducing costs by providing professionally structured and optimized campaigns. From pay-per-click ads on the market’s most popular platforms to refining the target audience, Effiqs has solutions to help every step of the way. 

Results with maximized Effiqs

“Interested in lowering the CAC of your B2B SaaS? Let’s talk,” the founder said. “Our three-month optimization program aims to enhance your digital assets in a relatively short time.”

Effiqs already has numerous clients thrilled by reaching their CAC payback period objectives. Acquiring customers has never been so cost-efficient. With Effiqs, the process is quick and easy — and doesn’t sacrifice leads. 

If clients are not satisfied with the results of Effiqs service in the first 30 days, the company offers a 100 percent refund on the first invoice. 

“We can help you shave a whopping 40 percent off your current marketing budget,” Effiqs founder Alex Hollander said. “Put that money to better use.”


To learn more about Effiqs, visit the website to book a strategy call and learn how the B2B SaaS Marketing Agency can offer effective results and CAC payback period reduction. 

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