Adaptation characteristics and precautions of wool tray and sponge tray

Both the wool disc and the sponge disc are a kind of polishing disc, which are mainly used as a class of accessories for mechanical polishing and grinding.

(1) Wool tray

The wool tray is a traditional polishing consumables, made of wool fiber or man-made fiber, so if it is divided into two types according to the material, it is natural and blended.

Woolen trays are generally suitable for rough or medium polishing, and they are easy to leave spinning patterns after grinding.

Sheep pan is characterized by strong cutting ability and high efficiency; the disadvantage is slow heat dissipation and easy to leak paint due to improper operation.

The strength of its cutting ability is related to the thickness of the hair, the thicker the cutting force, the stronger the cutting force; and the center hole of the disc has functions such as positioning, dust gathering, and heat dissipation!

Precautions for using woolen trays:

The woolen disc is a thick disc with too strong cutting ability, which can easily leak the car paint or burn wax. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to the speed not too fast, the strength not too large, and the moving speed should be uniform. This is all for a temperature not to be too high, so as not to leak the car paint!The second is that when polishing the corners of the car paint (front and rear bumpers, door handles, etc.), the original car material is plastic, and the temperature is too high, it is easier to soften the car paint (leaking paint), so the force is smaller than other areas, and the technique and angle are also very important.

(2) Sponge plate

Sponge trays have been very popular since their inception, and their market share has increased year by year, but not many people can correctly identify their quality and scope of use.

The use of sponges is measured according to the index of “ppi (sponge quality)”.PPi refers to the sponge quality per square inch [par per inch].The index range of the sponge plate is 40-90ppi. The higher the PPi index, the softer the sponge; the lower the PPi index, the harder the sponge.Therefore, sponge discs are thus divided into three types: grinding discs, polishing discs and reducing discs, which are often referred to as coarse, medium and fine.Generally speaking, the grinding disc should be 40-50PPi, the polishing disc should be between 60-80PPi, and the PPi index of the reduction disc is 90PPi.Therefore, the disadvantage of the sponge disc is that the cutting force is weaker than that of the wool polishing disc, and the advantage is that it is not easy to leave spinning patterns, suitable for medium polishing and reduction, and less damage to the paint surface.

Precautions for using sponge tray:

(1) Large torque:

People who are used to the sponge tray will feel unaccustomed when they first use the sponge tray: when the sponge tray is “painted”, it seems that the sponge is “glued” to the car paint, and it does not turn smoothly.In severe cases, the rotor of the machine seems to be “idling”. The reason for these phenomena is related to the material of the sponge.The adhesion [grip] of the sponge is strong. Take a towel and a sponge and rub them on a flat surface. You will find that the sponge is much more astringent.This strong adhesion causes a large torque to be generated between the tray and the cutter.If this phenomenon occurs, you should pay attention to the following aspects: keep the polishing disc clean and don’t use too much polishing agent.

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