Chinese Bridge “One-Minute ‘Interesting’ Environmental Protection Story”

On October 22, the fourth theme activity of the Chinese Bridge “One-Minute Journey in China” series, entitled “One-Minute ‘Interesting’ Environmental Protection Story”, was organized in Beijing Ditan Park. The ceremony was held, through adopting ancient trees in Beijing Ditan Park, to take actions to protect the environment and safeguard our “green homeland”.

During the adoption ceremony, the representatives of the Chinese Bridge competitors in China jointly labeled and watered the first-class ancient tree they adopted, and admired the 450-year-old Chinese arbor-vitae. The ancient tree is located in front of Fangze Altar, with a thick trunk, deep roots and flourishing branches, and stands proud there throughout the four seasons, symbolizing the deep friendship between China and the rest of the world for generations.

Soon after the invitation to adopt an ancient tree was sent out, Chinese Bridge competitors from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, enthusiastically signed up for the “One-Minute ‘Interesting’ Environmental Protection Story”.

Reznik Anastasiia, a sweet Ukrainian blogger who won the third prize in the Chinese Bridge “One-Minute ‘Interesting’ Environmental Protection Story” event, has always paid close attention to the competitions and activities of Chinese Bridge. Participating in this activity of adopting ancient trees, she was very happy to say, “To protect our environment by adopting an ancient tree, makes our homeland a better and happier place.”

The Turkmen boy Atajan Chopanov, who was also the third prize winner of the event, thought that “the activity of adopting ancient trees organized by Chinese Bridge is very meaningful, and I was especially excited when I put the wooden plaque on the ancient tree, and my sense of responsibility to protect the environment became stronger.”

Representatives, including Reyder Enrique Salgado Avila from Cuba, Mircia Loiola from Cape Verde, Ralph Baybado from the Philippines, Doungkamon Sukvichanchai from Thailand, Mehmet Kilinc from Turkey, and Lee Hani from Korea, expressed their love and support for the event, and that participating in the event not only improves their Chinese language skills, but also enhances their sense of mission and obligation to protect the environment.

Finally, the representatives of the competitors sent their best wishes for “Chinese Bridge”! – Reznik Anastasiia, from Ukraine

May “Chinese Bridge” grow stronger and stronger, the event continue to innovate and upgrade, and the number of fans continue to grow! – Atajan Chopanov, from Turkmenistan

“Chinese Bridge”, Journey in China, learning Chinese all counts! Wish “Chinese Bridge” live forever! – Mircia Loiola, from Cape Verde

The “Chinese Bridge” event allows us to learn Chinese happily. I hope that more people who love Chinese will have a life-changing relationship with “Chinese Bridge”. – Reyder Enrique Salgado Avila from Cuba

“A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near”. I hope that “Chinese Bridge” will spread to every corner of the world. – Doungkamon Sukvichanchai from Thailand

May “Chinese Bridge” get better and better every day! I hope that more people who love Chinese join the “Chinese Bridge” activity and make great achievements together! – Ralph Baybado from the Philippines

Youth without regret, hand in hand! May “Chinese Bridge” go forward together to the future! – Lee Hani from Korea

May the “Chinese Bridge” activity make Chinese language learners more confident and energetic! – Mehmet Kilinc from Turkey

Wish “Chinese Bridge” be better and better! Happy learning Chinese, may your Chinese become better and better!

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