Kickstarter campaign launches next-gen Bluetooth hearable for crisp and customizable hearing

Companion is a breakthrough Bluetooth hearable that comes with advanced auditory tech for crisp and amplified hearing, personalized for each user.

Audientes has recently launched a revolutionary Bluetooth hearable that assures crisp and crystal-clear hearing. Titled “Companion”, the next-gen hearing device stands out with the unique feature of personalized amplification.

The major USP that separates Companion from the rest is its innovative in-built ear-fitting technology, called EarMap. The EarMap tech is designed to fit itself to the personal hearing profile of the user, to ensure the most compatible hearing experience for each user.

“We are excited to bring to you our state-of-the-art Bluetooth headset that is intelligently designed with industry-leading auditory technology to ensure amplified hearing. One of the best parts that keep our product ahead of the rest is its tailored hearing facility, fine-tuned as per each user’s specific hearing needs. We have kept the design sporty and modern so that our users can carry it anywhere with style, from board meetings to podcast sessions to TV  watching to zoom calls to trips with friends”, stated the leading spokesperson from Audientes.

The Companion Bluetooth headset comes in 3 sets of ear sleeves – L, M, and S- as well as 4 sets of ear tips (XL, L, M, S). 

Companion comes with preloaded listening programs as well as several customizable features. Users will be able to access all these facilities by linking the device with the Companion smartphone app. The device is backed by cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity that enables users to connect the device to their phone and enjoy music and entertainment for hours. Companion also allows individual volume control for each ear.

Top features and benefits of Companion-

  • Innovative Bluetooth headset with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Industry-leading auditory tech assures crystal-clear sound
  • Earmap tech assures a personalized hearing experience for each user
  • 4 listening modes
  • Wide frequency range, ranging from 50 to 20,000 Hz
  • Speech enhancement
  • Noise cancellation
  • Volume control facility for each ear
  • Sound and music streaming
  • Offers customization facilities through the app
  • Easy-to-use buttons on the device
  • Does not draw attention
  • Backed by an easily rechargeable 200 mAh Lithium battery
  • And more

“Companion is your ultimate buddy when you need help in difficult listening situations. We had been observing that there is a dire need for highly efficient auditory devices that can assure personalized results and would also look smart. When you couldn’t find a matching one in the market, we decided to create our own with Companion. As of now, we are looking forward to starting mass production, and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support would enable us to bring Companion to life and make hearing easier for a lot of people around.”

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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Company Name: Audientes
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark