Help Support 50 Children From Homelessness in Iloilo City, Philippines

All donations will help homeless children. All contribution will help in providing food, shelter, education, and medical attention for at least 50 kids for 1 year.

No child should have to suffer the pain of abandonment and be left to suffer on the streets!

Children’s Empowerment of the Philippines (CEOPH) is seeking funds to provide a compassionate, safe and caring home environment where children are nurtured and formed into valuable members of the community by providing quality facilities and personnel who are committed to give hope-giving programs for the orphaned, abandoned, neglected, vulnerable foundling, surrendered infants, and street children. Through holistic formation, social-work interventions, and services the most vulnerable children are prepared for adoption, reformation, and re-integration into families and society. We need your help more than ever!

If these children are not helped they will become a statistic of trafficking victims, homeless and malnourished, uneducated; have increased trauma (PTSD) and mistrust while affecting the brain and emotional development or even death.

CEOPH Roadmap:

Phase 1 – Construction of the 14,500-square-foot orphanage (Completed)
Phase 2 – Furnish the orphanage (Completed)
Phase 3 – Raise $200,0000 to accommodate the first 50 children for 1 year. (In Progress)
Phase 4 – Raise an additional $200,000 to sustain the program for another full year
Phase 5 – Raise $400,000 to extend the orphanage to host additional children.
Phase 6 – Continue the work to accommodate the remaining 200-plus street children.

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Children’s Empowerment of the Philippines is managed from Daly City, CA USA, home to 33,000 Filipino American residents, located just outside of San Francisco. The residential program is operated by St. Dominic Children’s Home and is the only residential children’s home of its kind located in the City of Iloilo, Philippines – a city of 460,000 residents.

Children’s Empowerment of the Philippines, Inc. was founded in 2021 by Spencer Holeman, who serves as its Executive Director. Mr. Holeman works closely with the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines who oversee the residential program at St. Dominic Children’s Home as well as the educational component.

CEOPH Mission

Children’s Empowerment of the Philippines, Inc. provides the stability and structure necessary to build a positive future for the most disadvantaged children through love, respect, and security. We help them shape their futures by raising the resources for providing a loving home, emotional support, education, healthcare, nutrition, and resources to succeed.

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