Rapper & Entrepreneur Brittani Stanton aka Bior Truth Utilizes HipHop Music To Extend Positivity & Transform Thinking Patterns

Rapper & Entrepreneur Brittani Stanton aka Bior Truth Utilizes HipHop Music To Extend Positivity & Transform Thinking Patterns
Brittani Stanton (Bior Truth) is a renowned music artist, financial literacy coach, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur who influences people with her knowledge.

Everyone requires some consultation or push to become successful in life. Everything can be great if any individual works through everything strategically and with hard work. Bior Truth is an entrepreneur and influencer who inspires others to break out of their shell and become the most successful version of themselves. She acknowledges that every person has the right to live a successful life while living it with enjoyment and fulfillment.

Bior Truth is mainly known for the credit repair commercial she performed by using her musical talent of rapping to influence wealth through influence. Bior is raising the bar in music culture with over 10 million views and blog sites. Her story and devotion have earned her accomplished achievements and awards as an artist and motivating presenter. Bior’s life story and lessons will guide individuals for generations to come. 

Brittani is the CEO of a consulting company called Bior Truth Consulting LLC. She motivates and enlightens people about strategies to repair & rebuild, tax preparation, and event & concert preparations. The company helps individuals to improve their credit as they believe that cash is cool, but credit is key. The guidelines will allow people to unlock their true potential to get into an industry that will provide them with desired results.

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A talented rapper, a 2x published author while also the CEO of three businesses that target youth to teach them the importance of wealth, credit, and decision making. Bior has been rapping since she was a teenager and has traveled the world with her talent. She always believed that she could change the world’s culture by using her voice to enlighten people about her true strengths while using her own experiences of starting from nothing and working through hard times to become a successful person.

The primary mission of Bior is not to advise people regarding their lifestyle but to inspire them to choose the correct paths and make sound decisions through the art of music, literature, and presentations. Sometimes all it takes for someone to become successful is a helpful voice that guides them through mental and emotional blocks. 

About Bior Truth 

Brittani Stanton, a mother of two, is an entrepreneur and rapper who uses her influence in the music industry to help individuals make sound decisions and travel on the path to success. She started two years ago and now is a serial entrepreneur who owns three businesses that target young people to teach them the importance of wealth and credit. She uses her own experiences to help others bring up their credit value. Bior wants to change the world’s culture through her rapping influence and expertise.

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