Benibela Digital Picture Frames: Share Meaningful Moments with Families

Receiving a beautiful and well-prepared gift is like giving the bland daily life a shot of water light needle, and it immediately becomes fresh and translucent. More and more people hope to get more innovative gifts during the festival, and now the very popular digital photo frame maybe is a very good choice. Compared with traditional photo frames, digital photo frames are more optional, convenient, and intelligent.

In the United States, Black Friday has always been regarded as the beginning of the Holiday Season. Since this day, US has entered a strong holiday atmosphere. Every year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also the time when Amazon has the most powerful discounts throughout the year. Also for Benibela.

The Benibela 8-inch digital photo frame has great features to showcase your memories. With the 16:10 aspect ratio on the HD display, images look sharp, bright, and clear. It has a touch screen display combined with a slideshow function that can switch between photos and adjust on the screen for brightness.

It provides a free app “VPHOTO” and Cloud WiFi Service for photo and video sharing. It supports photo format of JPG/GIF/PMG/BMP and video format of MP4. With this frame it is easy to add and transfer photos and videos anytime, anywhere, invite family members on the app or through a web uploader to connect photo and video-sharing frame, building a private family-sharing network.

The Benibela 8-inch Digital Photo Frame makes it super easy to add photos to the frame. It has 32GB of photo and video storage. In addition, with this frame, it is possible to gets up to over 30000+ photos and videos and share more than 80,000 photos at one time.

The frame also has a wall-mountable design that allows to place it on the table or hang it on the wall. In addition, the gravity-sensing auto-rotation function allows photos to adjust directions in portrait or landscape orientation to fit the digital picture frame.



Benibela’s Smart Photo Frame 17-inch is a larger model of the Benibela design. Not only does the screen have wireless instant sharing function via the VPhoto app/Email, but its facial recognition can distinguish the front face and then classify the photos.



The Benibela 10.1-Inch Digital Photo Frame’s 1900×1200–resolution, 10.1-inch screen looks sharp, has excellent contrast, and displays colors well. In addition to photos, it provides other multiple functions such as music, movie, weather forecast, alarm, and calendars.



The Benibela Digital Photo Frame with IPS screen is the perfect all-in-one display with impressive features: photos and videos can be uploaded to a cloud via the app or even via email and it automatically adds your photos instantly. It serves as a smart home assistant, a way to make video calls, and, of course, as a digital frame to show off your favorite photos.

For a more budget-friendly price, this digital picture frame still has sweet deals on them right now and these discounts are available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

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