Qera Marketing CEO and Founder Zach Schubert Launches New Sister Company Client Acquisition

(by Luke Belmar)

Zach Schubert, founder and CEO of Qera Marketing, has shared big news this past week. He already provides full-service SEO strategizing for 7-figure eCommerce companies. Now, he is launching his newest company, Client Acquisition, to help 5 and 6-figure service industry organizations boost sales faster and for the long term through a strategy that boasts results in as little as six weeks.

For the Florida-based CEO and entrepreneur, this is just the next step in his vision of how high-ticket businesses should be marketing for success. Schubert has been a long-time advocate of focusing on the big picture of a company as a whole and not just the bottomline. His latest venture will be putting this belief into full application through his hard-learned approach to client acquisition strategy.  

One of the biggest questions he gets asked, though, is what sets his methodology apart from the rest in his field. Simply put? He likes to help. 

In his early years of marketing, he helped South American non-profits market their organizations. This experience taught him two important lessons: nonprofits need money to operate and can’t do so efficiently with low funds, and many businesses aren’t interested in helping people. From these insights, Qera was born to help bridge this gap by donating his manpower to offset marketing costs for non-profits and to create a digital advertising firm that helped eCommerce entrepreneurs create successful brands driven to help their audience.

Schubert makes it abundantly clear to everyone he meets, whether at a sales meeting or as a guest speaker, that he understands the challenges entrepreneurs are facing. He relates his own experiences where he would spend endless nights just staring at spreadsheets, focusing on the numbers, and wondering what went wrong. Why was his business plateauing? 

“Ultimately, I’d lost sight of why I’d started my business to begin with. So, I got back to my roots and rediscovered the strategies that actually work.”

Fast forward to 2022 and his marketing agency is celebrating its third year of success helping 6 and 7-figure businesses get to the top of SERP rankings and create memorable, lasting brands in the process. With Client Acquisition due to launch in Quarter 4 of this year, he’s fired up about the potential for already successful organizations being able to achieve even greater success as he has, but in less time and with fewer headaches. 

“I truly enjoy helping business owners take the lessons I’ve learned over the years and not just improve their profitability but help strengthen the communities they serve while doing so. My hard-learned lessons have transformed how I do business, and now, I can finally bring this strategy to other entrepreneurs like myself. It’s really an exciting time.”

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