Ghazali Street Brimming With Life Amid Recent Music Events and Parties

Ghazali Street is a street in the city center of Erbil in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Thousands of locals and tourists filled Ghazali Street restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers in recent weeks, drawn by numerous festivals and events held at the city center.

Erbil Famous for its towering Citadel, the Sami Abdulrahman Park both tourists and locals adore, the exquisite Kurdish Textile Museum full of rich history, Erbil is one of the most gorgeous places in Iraqi Kurdistan. 

A little over a decade ago, the city center of Erbil was graced with Al-Ghazali Street, which now attracts tourists, official dignitaries, celebrities, as well as local Iraqi and Kurds, who get to enjoy its beautiful restaurants, cafes, sports centers, and numerous sports activities there. 

Ghazali Street was established in 2011 on the public road, at the heart of the city of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. It is located near Erbil International Airport. 

Ghazali Street is brimming with life year-round. At night, Ghazali Street is full of tourists who enjoy watching the Arts and entertainment activities, and a broad spectrum of entertainment venues. 

Ghazali Street restaurants are some of the finest in all of Iraqi Kurdistan. From Piko to Squad Burger and The Point, the food venues on Ghazali Street offer the best way to experience the local cuisine.

Regarding Ghazali Street sports activities, the Erbil Sports Center is renowned across the country and beyond. Nazar Ghazali bodybuilder & Fitness professional is a holder of numerous international titles and awards; he is also the manager of the Erbil Sports Center and trains both beginners and professional athletes, as well as organizes sports activities on the street. 

Ghazali Street entertainment events always attract numerous tourists. Recently, hundreds of masked children, parents, adults, couples, locals, and tourists alike came out in scary costumes, celebrating the Halloween event hosted on Ghazali Street. 

The event featured a range of prize games, tournaments, live DJ music, as well as some of the best chefs serving delicious dishes to the happy trick-or-treaters. 

Ghazali Street cafes are there for locals and tourists to relax, mingle, and catch up over drinks. Bus Café Erbil is among the most local attractions; it is a café built inside a real bus, although anyone can sit outside and enjoy a range of exotic beverages as the outdoor section of Bus Café sports numerous seated tables. 

More information about Ghazali Street is available on the official Ghazali Street Instagram page

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