What is Full Glass Coverage? What Are Its Laws in Georgia?

The auto insurance coverage for their vehicle includes additional covers, one of which is glass coverage. The full glass coverage policies include a claim for the damage to their vehicle’s windshield, windows, and other glass. It includes both repairing and replacement of the glass. Their insurer can also include this coverage in their comprehensive policy.

The laws of Georgia allow insurance companies to charge deductibles for replacement and repair services. In addition, several laws in Georgia govern how insurance companies manage full glass coverage.

What is Full Glass Coverage?

Auto insurance provides several coverages to their vehicle as per their car model and their needs. However, there is also a much-needed coverage, especially for expensive cars, which is glass coverage. Full glass coverage is a type of policy coverage that provides one with claims for the damage to the windshield, window glass and other vehicle glasses. It may be part of their comprehensive insurance, depending on their chosen company or insurer.

It may be possible that one already has auto insurance for their car, and this is not included in that. One can ask their insurance company to add it to their comprehensive, collision or liability coverage, whichever one has. Although to get a full glass claim and other glass repairing and replacement benefits, one can go for full coverage.

Major Georgia Laws for Glass Insurance?

The auto insurance companies in Georgia do not have to offer coverage for windshield repairs or replacements. However, some laws are made to include windshield maintenance and comprehensive insurance. According to Georgia state law, motorists must carry the given liability policies to drive:

  • Property damage insurance – every driver needs a policy that covers $25,000 of damage per accident as per the laws.
  • Bodily injury insurance – the policy that covers $50,000 of hospital bills for each accident and $25,000 of hospital bills for each injured person is also needed by every driver.

Besides this, there are some other important laws that drivers must follow. As per Georgia laws, the insurer or insurance company can offer used windshields or ones made by aftermarket manufacturers. The insurance company can give them the windshield used or not their original equipment. In such a case, the company must provide one with a formal notice showing the windshield guarantee.

These laws are made to not offer glass coverage casually by insurance companies. The drivers have to follow some rules for getting hit coverage. Also, the insurance providers should keep in mind their state’s laws while giving this insurance. But one can find options in certain situations where one does not need to abide by these laws. Hence they can have this coverage without spending much money on different expensive policies.

Coverage under Auto Glass Repair Insurance

The auto glass coverage insurance provides safety for their car’s windshield glass and other glasses. One can add the glass coverage to their comprehensive policy or buy full car insurance. If they purchase separately, they will get the full claim at a better cost than making the addition.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at AutoInsurance.org, lists some of the key points of coverage under this policy:

  • This offers a claim for the damages to the windshield.
  • The window glasses are also covered under this.
  • If they already have standard insurance for their vehicle, the glass coverage may not be covered under it.
  • However, it may be covered if one has liability and collision coverage.
  • If they buy a full coverage policy, they can get coverage for the windshield and other glass repairs.
  • The full insurance also covers the replacement of the glass.
  • Above all this, the full glass coverage depends on the state’s laws about this policy.

When Are Glass Insurance Deductibles Waived?

All insurance companies do not waive the deductible for auto glass insurance. But there are some which would waive it in certain situations. For example, if one has a small crack or chip on the windshield and they are replacing it, the company might cover it while waiving the deductible. Although fixing a windshield cannot be expensive. Various mobile windshield repair stations can be found in parking lots. The cracks or chips can easily be fixed by these stations, provided they are smaller.

Many insurers provide them with the option of a deductibles waiver in other certain situations. These can be the minor repairing requirements which can be repaired cheaply. If one has glass insurance coverage in addition to any comprehensive policy, it might be possible that no deductibles are being waived. But if they purchase a full glass coverage plan on their vehicle, that will offer this option in many conditions.

How Can One Update Their Existing Insurance Policy?

It’s not mandatory to take glass coverage insurance to comply with Georgia’s laws. However, in case they are worried about the finances and need extra coverage, one has the option of sorting it out. First, they can ask their existing insurance provider about a comprehensive policy. This type of policy can help them with repairs and replacement for several damages that occur when they are not driving. But it depends upon their insurance provider. For example, if their windshield is cracked a little bit because of severe strikes or hits, one can file a claim under this policy.

A comprehensive policy may be expensive because it covers several issues, so there is another option they can go for. For example, they can ask their insurance company for policies covering glass repair and replacement to save money. Another option is paying their auto insurance deductibles to lower the cost of the premium plans.

There are many insurance companies available that offer full glass coverage for their vehicle. In order to choose the best one for their vehicle, it’s important to know about its plans. The special laws made in Georgia for glass coverage play a major role in insurance companies working with this coverage. If one wants to purchase it for their car, one can add it to their auto insurance policy or a comprehensive policy.

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