Acacia Grace Pours Her Heart into New Neo-Soul/R&B Single titled “I’m Not Meant To Break”

Washington, D.C.-based singer/songwriter Acacia Grace has released “I’m Not Meant to Break,” a new single that was produced by UK-based collaborator Epithet Music

After a traumatic experience, Acacia Grace is pleased to announce the release of a new single which is an intimate ballad where she pours her heart effortlessly. The song “I’m Not Meant to Break” is characterized by a beautiful relationship between chord progressions, baselines and guitars—as well as string arrangements, background vocals. In Acacia’s narration of her experience, she deftly weaves together emotion and master that engages the listener from start to finish.

“I like to combine new school and old school vibes,” explained Acacia. “This song is a reminder that you can get through anything with perseverance. Just think about what and who you have in your life that can make things better. This too shall pass. It will get better, you are strong and resilient.”

I’m Not Meant To Break is reminiscent of something Mary J. or Jill Scott would put forward on a record and Acacia swims in this lane effortlessly. Her lyrics are rooted in real life, and with her unique sound developed over a long career, she makes “I’m Not Meant to Break” one of the most soulful singles released so far in 2022. Acacia denotes her personal mantras and reminders that she is more than meets the eye, and will do what it takes to get through this challenging time.

Acacia Grace is inspired by other strong feminine voices such as Jill Scott, Laylah Hathaway, Leelah James and Maysa. In this new song, Acacia is making it clear thta she isn’t just another artist on the rise but a part of a collective unit drumming support for women. It is a lovely track for listeners of Neo-Soul, Classic R&B, 90s R&B, Pop/R&B, Top 40, Alt. R&B, Motown, Soul, R&B and all sub genres.

This new single by Acacia Grace follows up on her previous release and marks another stunning collaboration with UK-based producer Epithet Music. The new track is a soul-stirring testament to overcoming life’s struggles and holding onto what holds meaning for oneself. It adds onto her heartfelt and immersive musical discography. Apart from music, Acacia Grace is also a powerful advocate and supporter of LupusLA. The artist currently splits her time between Southern California and the D.C area.

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About Acacia Grace

Hailing from Washington, Acacia Grace was always inspired by the stirring power of music. The contemporary soul singer/songwriter’s musical voyage began early on, and the artist was a part of her school choirs and other school produced performances.

Penning down moving and poetic lyricism since she was young, Acacia Grace had significant classical music training. She graduated from Suitland Senior High School in Maryland and completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s in criminal justice, before rediscovering her passion for music.

Acacia Grace founded a three-piece band with Korie Lewis and Isai Galvez in Orange County, Calif. She is currently involved in solo pursuits and released her debut EP titled, ‘Vulnerable’ in September 2021. On this project, she presented a sensational blend of heartfelt Soul, Jazz, and R&B music.

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