DataMilk CEO Peter Szalontay Puts the Focus on Attention Data at Paris Retail Week Conference

DataMilk CEO Peter Szalontay Puts the Focus on Attention Data at Paris Retail Week Conference
DataMilk CEO Peter Szalontay served as one of the keynote speakers at the annual conference

DataMilk CEO Peter Szalontay recently served as a keynote speaker at the Paris Retail Week Conference and dished on his company’s capabilities and also spotlighted attention data.

Szalontay took the stage as a keynote speaker in front of 20,000 industry professionals and practitioners at the City of Lights via the annual Paris Retail Week Conference. He advised the audience on the importance and tactics of predictive analytics and anticipating users’ next steps.

“It’s known that customers and regulators are increasingly pushing back on solutions that use third-party data and cookies for tracking online,” said Szalontay. “Meanwhile, every app is competing to deliver the most convenient, predictive, and personalized online experience. Throw in a recession and rising cost-per-clicks for advertising, and you have a recipe for despair — it seems impossible for ecommerce teams to deliver on growth targets.”

The solution, according to Szalontay, is what he has dubbed as ‘data gold’ in the ecommerce industry and that is attention data. It’s first-party data with a huge potential as it reveals users’ attention to the content they are interactive with and reveals their true interests and preferences. 

“Think about the amount of different signals that are available to you to actually understand what users are doing on your retail sites and apps,” said Szalontay. “Besides someone clicking on a product or purchasing that product, there’s plenty of information similar to how TikTok does it, with attention data of someone lingering and looking at a product, liking a product, adding it to cart and removing it from cart, scrolling past it and so on.”

With this data utilized, retailers can create the most relevant experiences that fit each user and surface the content and products that are interesting to them. Users will typically agree to share data with trusted sites, but tend to feel uneasy about it being shared and cross-tracked. Attention data allows teams to increase engagement and maximize profits, per enabled and powerful ecommerce features.

When companies put an emphasis on attention data their ecommerce stores adapt to user interests efficiently, showing them more relevant products to their interests. Typically, an ecommerce storefront without attention data will cause the customer to essentially back out of the site.

DataMilk can track each attention signal, which reveals user needs and helps them deliver hyper-relevant content for the customer and ecommerce stores. 

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DataMilk is an end-to-end solution for e-commerce UX optimization, from AI and data infrastructure to ready-to-implement optimizations. DataMilk is built on attention data: signals showing every user interaction on your store like click, scroll, view, and more and know exactly where customers are focused in real time delivering the most relevant experiences for the customers — and increasing sales for e-commerce retailers.

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