3 Steps Writing With The Best Docs New Template For Free

Is the Microsoft word app you love or hate? If you can’t enjoy writing with it, then why bother?

Writing is a skill that takes time and practice to master. As a knowledge worker, you need to spend hours every day learning new techniques and developing your craft. You probably already knew that writing is a great way to express yourself and communicate ideas. In addition, it helps you build confidence and improve your skills. Here’s an ultra template to get your writing to start!

If you are tired of writing docs such as resumes, daily reports, meeting records, company sprints, or other formal/informal stuff, you should come and try our new doc template. Doc templates would release you from constructing written files.

Are you tired of writing daily reports? Are you confused about writing a logical resume that demonstrates your strength and experience? Do you want to hold a meeting with a useful draft of speaking? All of these problems could be solved in our Doc Template.

Why you should find a well-organized Doc template data base?


If you use that template in the future, formatting your structures won’t take you long because it’s already been done. By eliminating the time-consuming process of document generation, doc templates allow you to concentrate on the value of your content.


By having a predetermined structure and layout, doc templates essentially impose general uniformity. It ensures that every document you create follows its format perfectly. Word’s Styles feature is an excellent approach to keep formatting consistent across your document’s content. Styles, a core component of Microsoft Word templates, provide uniformity throughout all the content in your project.


The predetermined framework reduces mistakes to a minimum. Headers and other template components can act as a reminder of sections or points that should be included but would otherwise be missed. You may also choose your spelling language while using Word Styles.


Automated formatting is a significant factor in how much time and frustration templates save. One of Tracup templates’ best features, for instance, is the automated Table of Contents. Any big topic or small topics are divided properly with Bold, Italic, artistic styles, etc. So you don’t have to think about what kind of formatting is the most aesthetic.


The largest advantage is probably this: being outstanding. Your work gains structure from templates, which gives them a slick, polished appearance. And you already know the benefits it may have for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

The Tracup team has implanted many useful and creative templates to help you improve work efficiency. You can easily apply our Doc Template to your projects in three simple steps.

Step 1: Create a project

  • At the beginning, users need to create a project, or use a existed project.
  • Find “+ View“ option on the top edge of the project. Click it to open the view box.
  • Find “Doc“ under “Project Extension.”
  • Click “Doc,” then click “Add View“.


Step 2: Choose a Template

Top left: after clicking “Add View“ from step 1, Tracup will create an interface with blank context. Click “New Doc” to start a new page.

Top right: a new page will be the same as the top right part of this picture. Type a Doc Name at “Please Input Doc Name” instruction.

Bottom right: after typing in your doc name, it will appear to the left column.

Bottom left: move mouse to the doc name on the left, click “…,” then click “Apply Template“ to meet with hundreds of Doc Templates!


Step 3: Apply a Template

The rest of procedures are very simple.

Once you click “Apply Template,” it will turn to a beautiful list just like below.

Skim them and pick the one best fits. Hit “Use Template” to meet with our brilliant doc templates!


Tracup team will never stop working on new templates in order to serve our valuable customers. If you have a special need that is not shown in our template center, feel free to contact us via our website. We are more than welcome to listen to your opinions and build a specialized template for you and your team!

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