Kinga Judit Szabo is taking immigration consultancy services to a New Level of Success

Kinga Judit Szabo is taking immigration consultancy services to a New Level of Success
Kinga Judit Szabo is a freedom fighter who started a new business in the field of immigration consultancy.

Most service providers in Immigration Consultancy Services focus on how much they can get from their clients while neglecting their well-being. Kinga Judit Szabo and her team have decided to break the negative cycle and dedicate their services to the utmost benefit of their clients.

Unlike the general belief of the other service providers, the team shares Kinga’s vision of creating a better world for all humanity. They believe that able people lift others up and when given a chance they will create value in any society, encourage economic expansion and bring about happiness and a better life to all those within their sphere of influence.

Kinga has always had a passion for success and creating a better life for others. It was this mission that prompted her to open her first company in 1998 in the field of government grants management. Due to her hard work and inspired business processes the company has reached a stellar 92% success rate in the field of government grant funding.  

She didn’t stop there and persisted in never backing down from challenges in front of her. Kinga loves challenges and believes the only way to grow is by moving forward and her love for creating new businesses inspired her to do that.

In 2012 she started her business in the field of immigration consultancy to provide long-term success and mobility to clients and she soon became a widely known international expert who is now based in Dubai, working tirelessly towards lifting others to achieve a more prosperous future. It was nothing else than her unwavering love and passion for empowering those who can make a change in this world that inspired her into venturing into the field of immigration.

She has discovered that the field is infused with contradicting and false information which has prevented many from reaching their goals. Hence she decided to bring about a clear scene and establish an agency where all details are revealed to the clients and where no hidden costs shall be found.

“Cheap solutions are the most expensive ones. The immigration services cost money when delivered in high quality. Therefore, never make compromises.”

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The immigration consultancy promotes high-value programs which provide benefits to the clients. The immigration programs include prime countries like Malta, Hungary, and the US, among many others. Kinga believes in leading by example and thus she beacons the way toward success and hard work.

“I want people and businesses to flourish and prosper and bring back a renaissance where all can live the life they have imagined.”

Kinga Judit Szabo has always worked towards creating economic stability and growth for people, businesses, and nations. She believes that to see a change in the world. One has to work on it so that other like-minded people can join hands in the quest to make the world a liveable place for future generations. 

“I believe in action as opposed to luck. Therefore, I am assisting people and businesses in achieving a better life day in and day out.”

About Kinga Judit Szabo

She is a loving mother of two and has an understanding husband who is the most prominent pillar of her businesses. She believes that every human is born free and wants to work with dedication to bring about success in the long term for people and organizations. She is passionate about improving people’s lives and wants to implement her core values in her businesses. 

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