The signing ceremony for new members of the Qingyuan Special Oil Operation Consortium was held in Qingyuan Business Center on September 7.

Chairman Ma Zhiqing expressed gratitude to the participating government officials and early partners in the Qingyuan Special Oil Consortium, and he extended a warm welcome to Wufen Holdings Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Vici Energy Pte Ltd an integrated oil and gas company) and Shanxi Xinlei Resources Development Co., Ltd. as new members of the Qingyuan Special Oil Operation Consortium. 

Chairman Ma said that today’s signing will lead to a new pattern of mutual promotion and win-win cooperation, as well as the sharing of resources and joint development. In its role as “chain owner” of the special oil industry chain, Qingyuan Group will maximize the benefits of the industrial chain and work with upstream and downstream partners to achieve mutual growth.

Chairman Xu Yugang said in his speech that since the beginning of the year, Qingyuan Group has been hampered by the impact of the international trade environment, the epidemic, and other factors, and has been unable to effectively release its production capacity in the short term. It is hoped that by employing the cooperation mode of the operation consortium, all partners will work closely and deeply to integrate multiple resources, ensure investment returns, and accomplish group development and win-win outcomes.

The exchange included statements from Wufen Holdings Co., Ltd.’s chairman Wang Shaoyun, Dayu Group’s Shanxi Xinlei Resource Development Co., Ltd.’s chairman Yang Mingjie, Beijing Huahui Senmao International Freight Co., Ltd.’s general manager Zhong Chongjian, and Shandong Gaochuang International Logistics Development Co., Ltd.’s general manager Wang Laitao. 

It was stated that they would work hand in hand with the Qingyuan Group, thereby complementing each other’s advantages, strong alliance, and Qingyuan Special Oil, and that they would rely on Qingyuan special oil to further deepen resource utilization, carry out overall operation in crude oil supply, special oil product production, new product research and development, market sales, and other links. The oil industry complex has expanded and strengthened over the years.

In his speech, Deputy Secretary-General Ma Zhijun lauded Qingyuan Group, a lynchpin company in Zibo, for being a national leader in crude oil processing capacity, technological innovation, and a vertically integrated business model. With today’s signing, the Qingyuan special oil operation consortium officially began its next phase: cooperating for mutual benefit. A new model for the Qingyuan special oil industry can only be created if all involved treat partners and platforms with trust, responsibility, and responsibility; seize market opportunities; and work together. Qingyuan Group will maintain its focus on maximizing its competitive advantages in the market, optimizing its use of available resources, staying true to its founding industrial mission of “creating a special oil brand with national feelings,” and working closely with its business partners to achieve integrated growth.

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