Now on GoFundMe, An Effort to Help Relocate Animals Living in a Rough Neighborhood

Now seeking community support via GoFundMe, an effort to move a woman and her beloved pets to a safer and more secure living situation.

San S., a passionate animal lover and pet mom, has announced a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to support the health and well-being of her beloved cats and dogs. Trapped in a rough neighborhood, San lives alone with her dogs and cats and is looking to relocate to a safer community as her current home becomes increasingly dangerous by the day. 

Faced with the threats of gunshots and fires, San’s current home makes her fearful for her cats and dogs and their well-being when she is not at home to protect them. She has watched from her apartment as the neighborhood she once loved slowly deteriorated, as evidenced by the recent sounds of gunshots and a backyard fire that was intentionally set by a neighbor. Worried about protecting her pets when she is not at home, recent events have raised security concerns and challenged San to find a way to move herself and her pets to a new home to escape the constant threat of violence and tragedy.  

Despite looking for remote employment to keep herself at home, San has struggled to find any jobs that pay a living wage, and she has continued to battle the effects of her own chronic illness along the way. In response, she has turned to selling personal belongings online in an effort to raise money to support a move to a new home, but she has continually struggled and faced adversity while trying to make ends meet.

As a pet owner who loves her pets, San is hoping to connect with others that may be touched by her story and are looking to donate to the cause on behalf of herself and her darling pets.

To learn more and support the effort, please visit: 

Funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to support a move to a new home. Starting today, pledge any amount show support. Act fast and visit the campaign page today. 


San S., a passionate animal lover, is trying to provide the best life for her cats and dogs. Faced with chronic illness and an increasingly dangerous living situation, she is crowdfunding on GoFundMe to support a move for herself and her pets to a safer and more secure living environment.

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