C.elegans Platform Offers a Series of CRISPR/Cas9 C. elegans Model Customization Services for Drug Screening

CD BioSciences announced the release of a series of CRISPR/cas9 c.elegans model customization services to accelerate drug screening and new drug applications in clinical.

New York, USA – November 9, 2022 – C.elegans platform, the division of CD Bioscience, is a professional provider of C. elegans model services committed to providing researchers the most reliable research services with comprehensive data analysis. C.elgans platform is capable to offer services involving C. elegans genome editing, the construction of C. elegans stress response model, aging research, drug screening, and C. elegans biology among others. Recently, CD BioSciences announced the release of a series of CRISPR/cas9 c.elegans model customization services to accelerate drug screening and new drug applications in clinical.

CD BioSciences provides C. elegans genetics services, including genetic engineering services and DNA methylation analysis services. CD BioSciences uses the latest technologies including CRISPRCas9, RNAi, MosDel and MosSCI to design, build and deliver genetically engineered C. elegans. Each method has its own advantages. Customers can request specific solutions during project consultations with experts.

Chemical mutagenesis is a genome-wide analysis of mutagenesis for forward genetic screening and target-selective mutagenesis. This method is the simplest and most direct method, suitable for large-scale systematic induction of high-frequency germline mutations, and provides a new strategy for the selection of new varieties and the establishment of disease animal models. CD BioSciences offers high-throughput mutagenesis platforms based on chemical reagents, EMS and ENU.

CD BioSciences provides genetic engineering services to explore the application of C. elegans biology in the study of molecular mechanisms of metabolic diseases, drug screening for different diseases, evaluation of compounds and drugs, intestinal probiotic screening, etc. CD BioSciences offers a broad portfolio of comprehensive laboratory and manufacturing services, particularly for custom C. elegans models.

CD BioSciences offers a range of CRISPR/Cas9 C. elegans model customization services that are part of an integrated portfolio of custom C. elegans model development services. CD BioSciences has built an efficient genome editing platform for delivering optimized genetically engineered C. elegans, with a highly efficient CRISPR technology platform and full technology tracking service to facilitate drug screening.

“We are committed to providing convenient and efficient one-stop services with shorter turnaround times and lower prices.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of CD BioSciences, she also added, “We are continuously striving to complement our product portfolio with novel products and technologies to satisfy specific requirements.”

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CD BioSciences is dedicated to helping our clients to achieve effective and successful research. We aim to provide our customers with high-quality data delivery, and in-depth scientific and technical support. Our professional team is capable to offer comprehensive and systematic services that contribute to the better use of C. elegans for researchers.

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