Get Vintage Bohemian Home Decor with Made with Love Romania Handmade Carpets

With the internet, it’s easy for anyone to own handwoven Romanian and Moldavian carpets from Made with Love Romania, ordering them online quickly and easily. The Romanian company exports a variety of carpets and rugs worldwide, sharing unique handcrafted designs while preserving the cultural heritage passed down through generations.

Made with Love Romania offers authentic handwoven Romanian rugs and Moldavian carpets. The company procures vintage handmade rugs crafted years ago in tiny villages scattered across Romania utilizing traditional techniques practiced for centuries. At Made with Love Romania, customers can purchase a piece of beauty and history for their homes. 

“Years ago in Romania, in almost every house in the countryside, women were making beautiful wool carpets, blankets, and kilims,” Made with Love Romania representatives said. “This tradition is almost extinguished, and there are now only a few places where Romanian rugs are still made.”

Preserving the past

To keep the traditions of centuries past alive, Made with Love Romania visits numerous small towns and villages to find rare, precious designs crafted years ago, giving them new life. The company buys the vintage textiles, which have often been stored in chests or closets for decades in pristine condition. Each vintage rug or carpet is cleaned and restored to let its true beauty shine before being sent to a new home to continue telling the stories they were woven to tell. 

Preparing the future

In addition to protecting and repurposing the vintage rugs made long ago, Made with Love Romania keeps the traditions alive. The company hosts a series of events at an art gallery in Bucharest. Many have gathered to hear about the mission to preserve the handwoven rug traditions while continuing to encourage new artisans to use the same methods. 

Eventually, Made with Love Romania plans to open an atelier where knowledgeable grandmothers can have a place to teach young girls to continue the artistry of their ancestors. 

Beautiful handmade, vintage Romanian rugs

This beautiful Oltenian rug made from cotton and wool is just one piece of the stunning Bohemian decor available at Made with Love Romania.

Stunning, handmade quality

Made with Love Romania offers beautiful handwoven Romanian carpets and rugs, often rescued after decades in a dowry chest. The company also secures Moldavian and Bohemian rugs and carpets of numerous vintage patterns and styles.

“We are collecting the rugs from the communities, especially from the village where my family lives,” the founder said. “This is why we know precisely who made each of them. But we also encourage the artisans from other regions of Romania so that you can find capsule collections from Maramures or Arad or the locals with models specific to that area.”


To learn more about Made with Love Romania and its stunning range of handmade rugs and carpets, visit the website or connect on social media at Facebook and Instagram.

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