Fahim Moledina Presents 5 Recommendations For More Effective Advertising

Before evaluating the key aspects of developing advertising strategies, let’s lower the expectations slightly. The first thing Fahim Moledina states we must understand is that the main objective of advertising is not to sell.

Before pretending to sell, Fahim Moledina highlights how necessary it is to generate knowledge and trust in potential customers. That is why an advertisement from a company you have not seen before, telling you, “we sell these products, come and buy from us. We are the best,” will hardly achieve mobilization. You first need to know more, know why it is a good option, and trust it, and only then will you probably consider buying from them, not before.

The role of advertising is to lead your prospects on the path of getting to know you and trusting you. Fahim Moledina shares the following tips for effortless marketing.

  1. Identify your target market.

If you are unsure who you will talk to, what is essential to that person (or company), where you can find them, what they value most, how they perceive the industry and your competition. Similarly, what frustrates them about your type of product or service, what expectations and uses it has, will be more challenging to put relevant information in front of them that will make them take action.

Identifying the target market does not only refer to the traditional description of men and women over 24 years old who live in major cities and like to jog in the morning. If you want communication to be more effective, you have to get to know them better, so you know how to design your message and speak to them about what interests them, not you.

  1. Select the media your target group consumes

To determine where you should place your advertising, Fahim Moledina recommends not considering the audience profiles provided by the media. Check with your customers about what media they consume: what they read, watch or browse. 

Once you are clear about the means or places where you can communicate to your target market how to resolve or help them with something, the next step will be to build that message.

  1. Do not sell. Invite them to learn more about you according to Fahim Moledina, the next logical step will be to invite him to learn more about your company and how you can help him.

Focus more on providing information that helps facilitate the client’s decision and not on what you think should count. What you want to communicate is not always what your market wants to know.

  1. Invite people to know more about you. 

Offer a free download on your website with helpful tips, a free diagnostic visit, training videos, or talks. In any case, do not offer a disguised sales brochure but genuinely helpful information.

This will show that you are serious and professional. Support yourself with testimonials from satisfied customers and success stories. Let your potential customers understand more clearly why you seem a good fit for their needs.

  1. Deliver what was promised

Once you have communicated your offer (the free document, the talk, or the diagnostic visit) and people request it, deliver it. Send it by email or visit. This will be the first opportunity to keep in touch with people interested in your topic.

This first contact is a golden opportunity to demonstrate why to work with your company. Remember that this initial knowledge, this little test is an evaluation of your promises. 

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