iProven welcomes its newest thermometer to the family: The DMT-77

iProven is proud to present the new dual-mode thermometer: The DMT-77. With its revolutionary updated chip, it gives you medically-accurate temperatures every time.

The best of both worlds: Ear and Forehead measurements

Clinically accurate results. Every time. iProven expects nothing less of its thermometers. This is why the infrared temperature sensor has been updated. The sensor gathers multiple data points while also readjusting for external environmental factors. The sensor translates this with the help of the upgraded algorithm into precise results.

How the DMT-77 gives medically-accurate results

Ear mode is the perfect way to get the most accurate results. The ear canal reacts to minute changes in body temperature. This will be picked up by the thermometer DMT-77. The probe measures the exact temperature of the ear canal. However, it’s important to position the thermometer accurately for the best results. Read below to understand how to best position the thermometer in the ear canal.

This way of measuring body temperature is recommended for children and adults but not for newborns. Use the forehead mode to silently measure the temperature of newborns.

Get the most accurate measurement in 3 easy steps:

Read the instructions. Skipping the instructions is the biggest reason people get faulty thermometer readings. Don’t make this mistake and read the Quick Start Guide of the DMT-77 (included).

Is the thermometer positioned properly? Make sure to follow the ear canal with the probe of the thermometer. Do this by pulling the ear up and back, then inserting the probe into the ear canal, pointing in the direction of the nose.

Is the lens of the thermometer clean? Make sure no earwax or other dirt is obscuring the lens. This may interfere with the measurement. Clean it with a soft, clean cloth (included).

DMT-77: The family-friendly thermometer

The DMT-77 is the perfect addition to any medicine cabinet this flu season. Here are the most important features that make the DMT-77 the best tool in the fight against fever:

  • Measure temperature via the ear or forehead
  • The display is backlit
  • Switches automatically between ear and forehead by taking off the cap
  • The thermometer gently vibrates to indicate it’s finished measuring
  • With a fever and hypothermia alarm
  • Forehead measurement can be done without touching the skin
  • Memorizes the last 20 temperatures

The DMT-77 can be purchased on Amazon.

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