What Problems Still Need to Be Solved in the Application of Chrome-Corundum Bricks?

The operation environment of gasifier itself is very bad, and its combustion reaction is a strong reducing atmosphere, and it also suffers from continuous erosion of acidic slag and erosion of high-speed fluid. Due to the need of slag discharge, the operating temperature of coal water slurry gasifier is usually 50~100℃ higher than the melting point of coal ash slag, liquid slag causes serious erosion of refractory materials. There are still many problems that need to be further improved in the application of chrome-corundum brick in gasifier.


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Common refractory materials are China Refractory Brick, high aluminum brick, castable, high aluminum refractory brick, thermal insulation brick, high aluminum wear-resistant brick,clay thermal insulation brick, light high aluminum brick. The common combination of refractory materials in the process of use has the following points:

1. The service life of chrome corundum brick needs to be further improved

The service life of chrome corundum brick in gasifier barrel body and vault is generally 8000~20000h, and that of slag mouth and cone bottom high-chrome brick is generally 3000~6000h. The mismatch of service life of each part greatly affects the overall service life of gasifier and the rhythm of the whole production, and increases the operation cost. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out relevant research and further improve the service life of high chromium brick.

2. The sintering problem needs to be further studied and solved

The high volatility of Cr2O3 makes it difficult to sintered and densified. In order to make Cr2O3 materials fully sintered, can be taken to control the burning of weak reducing atmosphere, using cladding sintering, adding sintering aid, the introduction of nanomaterials, adding sintering combined with materials and other means to improve the sintering performance of high chromium materials.

3. Thermal shock resistance needs to be improved

The addition of monoclinic ZrO2 can improve the thermal shock resistance of chrome corundum brick well. However, the thermal shock resistance of chrome corundum brick is still poor, and the phenomenon of peeling and cracking often occurs in use, which affects the use of gasifier to a great extent. Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen the related research to improve the thermal shock resistance of high chromium bricks.

4. Reduce pollution to the environment

Because Cr2O3 in chrome corundum bricks will be oxidized to toxic Cr2O3 under certain conditions, polluting the environment. Therefore, how to control the production of CrO3 in the process of production and use, and strengthen the recycling of used materials and the correct treatment of waste materials, to reduce the pollution to the environment, is a special problem worth paying attention to.

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