A genuine leather innovation is an ethical upgrade for fashion evolution

Authentic leather with advanced characteristics; above all, it is machine washable with detergent, a sustainable solution with a positive impact on the environment, health, and fashion.

Leather is making the top 5 fabric favorites by the masters in luxury fashion. This highest sector of the industry uses only a selection of leather grade A, with whole grain, exclusive textures, and a tanning process with organic recipes. The designer assures versatile design with leather as wearable art that lasts many seasons and remains in trend.

Leather that is sourced and processed with care becomes a highly sustainable fabric. Skins are an animal by-product dependent on the meat industry. This means that part of the animal waste from abattoirs is transformed into leather, saving it from being dumped or burned, which unfortunately happens to over half of these hides worldwide.

The leather industry develops a natural product that lasts very long. This fabric introduces the LAUNTHER as the evolution of leather in fashion. It’s a much-needed upgrade that can demonstrate a sustainable solution with a positive impact on the environment, health, and fashion. This authentic leather with advanced characteristics can be laundered with a washing machine and using detergent. It is designed to support the fashion industry to create a more diverse and comprehensive product range, mainly clothing.

“With our innovation, the fashion and design industries have more options in product variety. LAUNTHER offers a variety of options to integrate leather in unconventional ways; Lingerie, Sportswear, Streetwear, and even for Bed linings or Table clothing, to name a few”, says Ilie Popa, Executive Officer & Founder of LAUNTHER.

A long tanning process lasting between 30 to 45 days is made with a secret recipe based on vegetable extracts and clear ethics for sustainability, unlike the 90% leather using Chromium, a highly toxic acid, in just one day.

LAUNDER’s advanced characteristics:

  • Machine washable with detergents designed for black or colored laundry,
  • It can be ironed,
  • It does not require maintenance or lining, 
  • Non-allergenic properties,
  • Highly breathable,
  • Exclusive soft textures or customized,
  • Average skin size from 6 to 10 square feet,
  • Anti-slide, matte or glossy texture, 
  • Any color palette with Pantone code,
  • The stretch reshapes without deforming the fabric,
  • Customization with lycra for up to 3 times elasticity,
  • The thinnest is up to 0,3 mm, maintaining high strength,
  • Ideal for a variety of leather clothing or combined with textiles.

For the care instructions, visit the official website, www.launther.com, and find out how this washable leather will upgrade the fashion industry.

Ideal for luxury garments, this leather is the evolution support for leather fashion to advance this sector’s product variety.  With a monthly capacity of up to 500.000 sq. ft., the production is made by a Dutch-Indian-operated tannery located in India, with the leather wholesale operated by Undercolor BV, headquartered in Amsterdam, and governed by Dutch and European law. Sustainable and environmentally friendly, with a positive impact on health, LAUNTHER comes with a 3-year warranty for color resistance and strength. The thickness of the sheep leather is from 0,3mm up to 1,1mm, with hides to measure up to 1,10 meters long.

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