A Multitude of Facelift Options Are Available For Different Facial Rejuvenation Needs For Patients of Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

A Multitude of Facelift Options Are Available For Different Facial Rejuvenation Needs For Patients of Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

“Dr. Sheffield, a lifetime member The American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is the preeminent facial plastic surgeon Santa Barbara and he and his staff offer a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment.”
The Santa Barbara-based plastic surgeon, Robert W. Sheffield, underlines the different types of facelift surgeries and traces the best one he offers to his patients, depending on their requirements and demands.

Santa Barbara, CA – Dr. Robert W. Sheffield provides many variations of the facelift procedure for is Santa Barbara patients.  Dr. Sheffield, a popular name as the best plastic surgeon for local anesthesia procedures from the Santa Barbara region, is a professional in providing different types of facelift treatments to patients in need of facial rejuvenation.

He provides non-invasive procedures to give a youthful shape to the face by reducing sagging and folding of jawlines and double chins. Thus, he offers different types of facelift Santa Barbara treatments available in the market that suit his patient’s faces, their requirements, and their needfulness in their face. His lists include non-surgical facelift, min facelift, deep plane facelift, cheek facelift, complete facelift, and many more.

Thus, to briefly describe each of them, he says, “Opting for any surgical methods without going through the treatment procedures can bring complications in patients. Instead, patients should get suggestions and opt for the facelift that suits their health, requirements, and facial structure”.

Dr. Shefields Proffers the Types of Facelifts Underlying their Operations

His med spa offers non-surgical facelift treatment using lasers and Botox Santa Barbara, which are people’s most advanced facelift options. He does not undergo any surgical operation in doing this treatment. It does not occur any facelift incision but gives a completely refreshed look after the procedure. Another option he prefers is the mini facelift. This combats aging in the lower face. It straightens the jawline and makes a person look younger than their age. 

Dr. Sheffield of Robert W. Sheffield, MD FACS – Plastic Surgery Santa Barbara doesn’t prefer this treatment addressing severe bloating of the face or extreme signs of facial aging. Instead, he advises undergoing this treatment to get a better facial uplift and smoother facial contour. In addition, he prefers a non-invasive treatment for this type of facelift, doing local anesthesia on his patients.

A mid-facelift helps regenerate the midface region by elevating the tissues of the cheeks and eliminating the sagging of cheeks that occurs between 45 to 55 in women. This treatment is best for those with a jowl sagging, enhancing the facial definition and more cute cheek contours. According to Dr. Sheffield, each is highly in demand, but he undergoes these procedures that match his candidate’s requirements and satisfy their facial contours.  Additional facial rejuvenation procedures performed in the office include rhinoplasty Santa Barbara, neck lift, brow lift and blepharoplasty Santa Barbara.

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Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is a board-certified plastic surgeon performing facial aesthetic procedures for many years. He has performed many reconstructive and innovative cosmetic surgeries in the past in North County, San Diego. Moreover, he completed his medical school at the University of Tennessee, a surgical internship at Los Angeles, and residency training at the University of Florida. He is the founder member of the ‘Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium,’ the life-member of the ‘American Society of Plastic Surgeons,’ and the ‘American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.’

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