Injury Attorneys In Manhattan Expand Practice Areas

The Manhattan legal firm offers client-based representation for victims of personal injuries. The result is the recovery of more than $250 million in compensation for thousands of New Yorkers.

Shulman & Hill are proud to announce that the injury attorneys in Manhattan have recovered more than $250 million in financial compensation for many thousands of New Yorkers. Injuries can happen to anyone, at any time and at any place. Victims who experience Injuries that are the fault of another individual or organization should be compensated, but that doesn’t always happen, even when it is a clear path to accountability. There are various factors that can complicate the claims of personal injury. 

Clients who have suffered from the actions or negligence of another deserve compensation for their medical issues, as well as other factors such as loss of pay, property repairs or replacement and more. The car accident lawyer firm is recognized as one of the top personal injury legal teams in the City. The area includes Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City, Queens, and the Bronx. The consultations are free. The attorneys handle their clients’ cases on a contingency-fee-basis. No hourly fees are assessed. If the case is lost, there are no fees at all. 

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Claims against another person or organization are rarely straightforward. They can get complicated by attorneys for the defendant and the insurance company. Mechanical problems may be identified as a partial cause of the accident. The attorneys at Shulman & Hill work hard to identify all the facts about the injury and accident. They put together a strategy to build a strong case. Many cases are settled out of court, but the attorneys have the experience to take the case to court if the action is necessary.

The awards and settlements the legal firm have obtained for its clients are significant. More than $250 million for clients has been obtained over the years in operation. Personal injury is just one of the many practice areas the firm has extensive experience and knowledge to supply.

About the Firm: 

Shulman & Hill offers knowledgeable personal injury as one of the various practice areas. The company has a quarter-million dollar record of winning cases for clients.

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