How Laser Marks or Engraves on Metal Hardware

How Laser Marks or Engraves on Metal Hardware
In our life, almost every household has hardware, which is closely related to our life. The application of laser marking to most of them may not be noticed by us.
Hardware products need to be marked with name, bar code, serial number, production date, and other key information before leaving the factory for management and promotion. These contents can be processed by laser marking technology. The high energy density of the laser is gathered on the surface of marked hardware to generate the thermal effect to accurately mark patterns or texts by ablating and etching to vaporize their surface materials.

Flat Marking

Ezcad2 Laser Marking Control System
Ezcad2 laser marking control system is composed of Ezcad2 software and an LMC controller developed by JCZ. The system can accurately generate energy on the flat surface of hardware during marking, processing clear, delicate, and recognizable patterns which cannot be erased or modified, that is, permanent on the hardware.

• Drawing can be made in Ezcad2 software for processing without the need for secondary processing.

• The system can process various types of metal, such as stainless steel, copper, iron, and aluminum oxide.

• The system can conduct long, high-frequency, and stable operation in various production environments.

• The system supports multi-language, 256-layer processing parameters, and multi-parameter marking, as well as applications of most industries.

• The system supports dual-axis splicing, flight marking, and Software Development Kit.

Curved-surface Marking

Ezcad3 Laser Marking Control System
Ezcad3 laser marking control system is composed of Ezcad3 software and a DLC controller developed by JCZ. It can mark not only on flat surfaces but also on complex surfaces, such as curved and beveled surfaces.


• Ezcad3 laser marking control system has additional advantages as follows besides those same as Ezcad2 laser marking control system.

• The system is composed of new software and controllers, which significantly speeds up data processing and meet highly sophisticated processing needs.

• The system features easy operation, flexibility, and stable performance.

• The system supports 3D curved processing and avoids distortion in speedy marking, guaranteeing high clarity and accuracy.

• The ETH surface makes unlimited transmission distance and remote control of operation possible.

• The system supports large-format dynamic focus, offline processing, and various mainstream lasers.

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