The Safezone, a Web3 Social Network Token with a Community Focus, Is Prepared for V2 Upgrading

Initially built on the Binance Smart Chain, SafeZone is a decentralised cryptocurrency that now has its own blockchain. On its blockchain, it changed from SafeZone to SafeZone V2 over time. The cryptocurrency encourages holding and buying activities while attempting to address the issue of volatility as well as pumping and dumping, which are frequent in cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens.

SafeZone is entirely community-driven. The SafeZone tokenomics apply a special tax to every buy or sell of the tokens. While 2% are burned forever, 3% are returned to holders, lowering the overall supply.

A decentralised financial payment network called SafeZone V2 recreates the conventional payment stack on the blockchain. To enable programmable payments and the development of an open financial infrastructure, it uses a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins that is algorithmically stabilised by its reserve currency, SAFEZONE. Investors can find and investigate hidden treasures from developers or entrepreneurs who have been doxxed and are consequently accountable in SafeZone. The objective is to contribute to a shift in the crypto world where there are so many cash grabs and rug pulls.

SafeZone V2 has following features:

  • Flexibility: The v2 allows contracts to alter fees from 10% to 2%, enabling free use of the smart contract inside the ecosystem. Additionally, the v2 version incorporates new products that can make use of SafeZone.
  • Better Security: The updated version responds more quickly to and blocklists threats that interact with smart contracts.
  • Rate Drop of Products: Users will be able to use SafeZone as a utility token thanks to the rate drop of the transaction.
  • Volume Increase: In order to provide customers with lower rates, the system has increased the volume of the new token.
  • Self-Governing: The protocol will become self-governing in the v2 version. The liquidity pool can be managed by the protocol, and it can expand the ecosystem’s available pairing alternatives.

Additionally, customers who want to switch from version 1 to version 2 must make sure they have enough BNB (the native coin of the Binance Smart Chain) in their wallets. To complete the swap, a blockchain-mandated fee will be levied. SafeZone won’t charge anything for the relocation, though. web3 social network

SafeZone.Chat web 3 is a multi-chain social ecological network. Users can freely tip their preferred users here. There is freedom for users to build their own communities. SafeZone has developed a fundraising strategy so that members of SafeZone community can give to the other community.

Users can also set up their own fundraising platform, which will help them spread the word about their ideas and enlist additional support for them. SafeZone partitions the user’s current network to display adverts, and SafeZone’s advertising module allows any user to promote on a variety of networks on the platform.

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