Wine & More: Bringing the Unique Taste of Croatian Wine to the UK and Worldwide

Croatia’s amazing selection of wines is a testament to its long tradition of winemaking. Its unique character offers a delightful variety of Old World charm to wine lovers all over. Wine & More has the most exquisite selection of boutique Croatian wines carefully handpicked by their incredible sommelier team to appease wine lovers.

California Zin is perhaps one of the more popular wines produced from that state, with thousands of top-quality bottles finding their way to the plates of wine lovers the world over, but few know of its long Dalmatian tradition. 

Renowned as the Zinfandel in Croatia, it can trace its origins back to the coastal strip and islands off the southern coast. Hence, Wine & More has embarked on a mission to change that perception and meet the demands of discerning wine lovers. The company is not just a speciality online wine retailer and promoter but curates the best selection of Croatian wine in the UK to satisfy the cultivated palates of its customers. 

Wine & More is on a mission to share its knowledge of wines, winemakers, and wine regions of Croatia and deliver exceptional products from the diverse winemaking regions of this Adriatic state. The company ensures simple, hassle-free, easy purchases and efficient delivery to wine connoisseurs in the UK. 

The subtle art of making wine dates back centuries and is largely a natural process that requires little human intervention. By bringing together ingredients available in nature and controlling natural biological and chemical processes, Man learned to produce wine. 

The process of wine-making typically involves Grape selection, harvesting, pressing, crushing, fermentation, clarification, bottling, and ageing. Its popularity led to the growth of vineyards cultivating varieties specific to a region’s climate, soil, water, sunshine, and other factors. 

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Over time, the wines produced were enhanced by bringing together different varieties of grapes and embellished with the infusion of selected herbs. These variations in body, notes, and bouquets are precisely what make the consumption of wine so enjoyable. Today, countless regions proudly offer a diverse range of bouquets and flavours to the world, each with its uniqueness, as wine lovers can attest. 

With one exception, the production of white wine and red wine is similar, while the creation of sparkling wines and rose wines both require some form of human intervention. Wine & More website contains educational videos on wines, interesting daily content, the different ingredients used in making wines, and the stringent process winemakers employ in producing Croatian wines.

Undoubtedly, wine has become an integral part of every culture and Wine & More’s vision is to promote authentic, high-quality bottles of Croatian wine in UK and globally. The founders, two friends, embarked on a mission to do just that. 

As digital marketers, the duo leveraged their relationships with countless wine producers to embark on this venture to bring Croatian wine within reach of every wine enthusiast through their platform. Their mission isn’t about retailing bottles of wine but to share ideas, stories, flavours, and experiences—in short, to create a community of wine lovers interested in Croatian wine & more.

With over 600 of the most extensive selection of Croatian wines, Wine & More offers the best prices, shipping directly out of Croatia. Wine & More is committed to ensuring wine lovers in the UK and the world have access to the best wines Croatia has to offer, with its impressive selection of Croatian wines available through online purchase and international delivery. With such an unwavering passion and commitment to their customers, it is no surprise that Wine & More is gaining traction among wine lovers in the UK.

About the Company:

Wine & More is a company whose mission is to build a community, spread the concept, provide all wine lovers with content about Croatian wine, and simply make the wine available for purchase. The company’s goal is to bring authentic, high-quality bottles of Croatian wine to the table worldwide. Wine has become an essential part of daily life and culture, and Wine & More’s mission is to deliver the best affordable wines to UK customers.

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